How and when to mark a crypton wedding

Wedding Anniversaries

The most common and most popular anniversaries are:
– sitz wedding – first year of life together;
– paper wedding – second year;
– wooden wedding – five years together;
– copper wedding – when the couple lived seven years together;
– pink (or tin) wedding – ten years of living together;
– crystal (or glass) wedding โ€” fifteen years together;
– porcelain wedding โ€” twenty years;
– silver wedding โ€” twenty-five years together;
– pearl wedding โ€” thirty years together;
– ruby wedding โ€” forty years together;
– golden wedding โ€” fifty years of living together.

Nineteen years of living together and, accordingly, the nineteenth wedding anniversary is called a krypton wedding.

Krypton wedding: The meaning of the name

Krypton is a chemical, or rather a gas, that has no color, no taste, no smell. This gas is used in the production of energy-saving lamps. The krypton wedding symbolizes that the light of the relationship between the couple has not yet gone out, and the relationship has moved into a calmer and more measured mode.

Unfortunately, many ignore this date, although it is very important as this anniversary precedes all the famous porcelain wedding.

Krypton wedding: traditions and rites

There is a little-known tradition โ€” the day of the krypton wedding to devote to purity, as spouses must complete one cycle of life and move into another. They have to discuss and forgive all grievances, otherwise it often happens that after a krypton wedding relations in the family deteriorate. This is a watershed period, and the most correct thing will be to stay together on this day.

It is best to mark a krypton wedding in a small and quiet circle of family or two.

There are two rites that spouses must go through if they want to celebrate a krypton wedding. The first is the ablution of each other’s feet. It’s a very intimate moment when the couple come together and show how much they trust each other.

There is a version that the foot ablution rite came from Asia, as there the purity of the legs is considered very important.

The second rite is the lighting of a candle. Newlyweds used to set fire to a candle during a crowning ceremony. Now, when combined by marriage in the registry office, this tradition can be fulfilled during this holiday. On a krypton wedding, spouses can light a candle and give each other vows or promises, this will help keep them good relations between themselves.

People don’t just give the name to wedding anniversaries, but many people forget it these days. Maybe if the couple celebrated each anniversary according to tradition, there would be more happy marriages.

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