How a loved-up Oven being


Stubborn Aries does not hide his feelings. If he’s in love, he shows it in every way. He speaks directly of his sympathy, gives gifts, makes dates. Tries to spend as much time as possible with the object of desire. And representatives of this sign of the zodiac prefer not to spend time on romance. They want to have a partner immediately and entirely.


A loved-up male Aries strives to take control of everything. He calls his partner every two or three hours to make sure that she does not commit any reprehensible acts. Representatives of this sign often forbid partners to communicate with friends, relatives. They don’t want to share their love with anyone, and demand that all attention be squandered only on them.


The loved-up Aries becomes generous, though actually quite a clamp down. He spends money on expensive bouquets, jewelry, brand stuff. To win a partner, he is willing to part with a large amount of money. But once Oven manages the intended, the flow of generosity will shrink or stop altogether.


Aries is one of the proudest signs, he won’t tolerate rejection. If he feels that reciprocity is not achieved, stops courtship and leaves without waiting to be asked for it. Aries would rather suffer from undivided love than temper his pride. And thanks to the fact that representatives of this sign are very impulsive, they quickly forget old love, and go in search of a new one.


If a male Aries fell in love, everyone would know about it. He doesn’t hesitate to talk about his feelings to friends and acquaintances. Representatives of this sign are very confident and are not afraid that someone will condemn their choice. Also they do not graze in front of parents and close partner, sometimes behave irreverently and rather brazenly.

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