Does it hurt to lose virginity

So conceived by nature

Many people, especially romantic ladies, are no strangers to doubts about the intimate sphere. First and foremost, questions arise when the new side of the relationship with the opposite sex is to be opened. Thoughts about loss of innocence are often frightening, but should not screw yourself. After all, so many people overcame the excitement and were given the opportunity to be happy without allowing fear to limit their private lives.

For some female members, losing virginity does not bring discomfort. However, there are causes capable of causing painful sensations during defloration. It can be emotional panic, preventing the vaginal muscles from relaxing to the necessary measure; excessive hymen density; gynaecological diseases and poor blood clotting.

What to do on a case-by-case basis? It all depends on the situation. Small psychological difficulties can resolve ordinary soul conversation with a partner. If they were caused by serious incidents, especially physical violence, a professional psychotherapist will help overcome the phobia.

Various difficulties are possible when compacting the vaginal mucosa due to organism features or coarsening of the hymenas by age parameters. In doing so, the natural process of losing virginity can drag on as well as cause pain as a result of excessive hymen ruptures and significant blood loss. If we speak of pathological conditions of the body, diseases of the genital organs and especially insufficient blood clotting, the first sexual experience should be preceded by qualified treatment with use of necessary drugs.

Radical solution to the problem

Sometimes loss of virginity occurs in an alternative way – through surgery. This procedure is done with a medical scalpel or laser and takes only a few minutes. But do not forget that even minor surgeries have an effect on the body and require time to restore normal well-being.

The main indications for the use of this method of deflation are: inability to perform sexual intercourse due to increased density of hymenus or muscle spasms; disorders of blood clotting; psychological features preventing you from relaxing properly. This procedure can be performed both on the results of examinations and on the wishes of the patient.

Nature has everything thought out – the female body can bear and produce a child. It is logical that he is quite capable of withstanding the first intercourse as well. Some fears are natural in nature, and therefore they are difficult to avoid. But real feelings and trust between people can destroy even difficult obstacles preventing getting closer together.

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