Acrobatics in sex

You can increase your enjoyment by combining sex and acrobatics. Some poses you may not be subdued at once, it is better to start with simple erotic exercises that will help to gain the necessary shape.

Consider one variant of the “woman on top” pose. Put the partner on his back, ask him to press his feet bent in his knees against his chest. Now sit on top of it, take the initiative into your own hands. You can set the rhythm, the frequency of penetration, taking advantage of the fact that the man is in your power.

School physical education lessons will help you when performing such a sex pose: stand in “birch”, then put your feet behind your head, they should be parallel to the sex. Relax, allow your favorite to enter, act slowly, you should not rush. Start movements by gradually increasing the depth of penetration by swinging. You both expect a violent orgasm!

Or so: the guy sits down with his legs outstretched forward, you’re on top of him, then you recline the case back, circling his ankles with his hands. When the guy leans forward, start swinging the case smoothly up-and-down. This pose allows you to enter the dick deeply, increasing contact with the clitoris. Now you are definitely guaranteed new sensations!

Lie on your back, lift one leg, pull up, take the second sideways at right angles to the body. The partner will stand between your legs on one knee, enter as deep as possible. You can add clitoris stimulation to friction movements, as well as circular dick movements, so that your efforts are quickly rewarded.

It is not necessary to fear experiments, boldly practice acrobatics in sex, combine useful and pleasant to stay in beautiful physical shape!

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