8 evidence that men and women are from different planets

1. Attitudes to problems and difficulties

Each man has his inner world, burrow or cave in which he can seclude himself and hide from the world. If a man gets bad, he gets away in himself. Sometimes he gets away for a long time and in these moments he doesn’t like to be touched or disturbed by peace inside his “shell”. Time will pass, and everything will work itself out. After that, the man will come out of his inner “cave” and take care of everyday affairs. That’s how they’re arranged and they like it.

If a woman becomes ill and problems, she gathers around her other women, relatives and girlfriends. Together, they can talk for a long time, have fun or just sit together. And after a while, women get better. That’s how they’re arranged and they like to live like that.

2. Difference in brain performance In

a man, the left and right hemispheres of the brain show their activity alternately. When the right hemisphere works, the left grips. At the same time, blood sticks more actively to the hemisphere that is involved at the moment. It helps the man to concentrate on one task and perform it qualitatively. In doing so, men are extremely negative about different kinds of stimuli that distract them.

In a woman, both hemispheres often work simultaneously. Due to this ability, ladies can perceive and analyze a large amount of different information at the same time. Therefore, representatives of the beautiful sex can simultaneously talk on the phone, cook borscht, watch the series and look after the child.

A man can usually do all things individually. But, thanks to a deeper concentration on each activity, achieves better results.

3. Understanding logic

Male logic can be compared to the laws of mathematics. It has clear rules that cannot be violated. Otherwise logical reasoning or chain becomes illogical. Women into the laws of logic “weave” their own feelings.

According to one of the professors in mathematical logic, female logic looks approximately like this: “If from the statement A follows B, and B is pleasant, then A is true.” In other words, the ladies ponder this way: “If my man has money, then he should buy me a new fur coat. And since the fur coat is very nice, it follows that the husband has money.”

For men, such a course of thought is absurd by definition, for women – quite understandable and correct, giving no reason to question its falsity. For example, if a man doubts the existence of a soul in people on the basis of the unprovable fact, women are more likely to agree with him. But if he clarifies, women too are considered “soulless” creatures, he will have to be unsweet.

More than 100 years ago, the scientific community came to the conclusion that male logic is straightforward and only takes into account the right and important facts and phenomena. Female logic is almost 100% based on intuition and takes into account thousands and millions of details down to very extraneous and unnecessary.

Therefore, since school it is noticed that boys better understand mathematics and exact sciences, girls – humanities subjects. Mathematical logic is very close to that of masculine. And the female model of logical thinking contributes more to the assimilation of humanitarian subjects.

The illogical, from the male point of view, utterance or behavior of the ladies, is in fact subject to strict but peculiar inferences. Coming to one conclusion or another for itself, the female brain scrolls through all possible variants of events. Aloud at the same time gives the answer only seeming illogical. In fact he is the ultimate and only true link in the long chain of lightning reasoning of a particular woman.

4. Men are deeper and women are plasticier

After a thorough and comprehensive study of male and female intelligence, scientists have found out many differences. Women have better developed visual memory, they carefully and accurately understand the numerous external and internal differences between objects, facts and phenomena. Male intelligence is larger and more perspective, focused on clear approaches to the problem.

It is easier for a woman to remember the road visually, for a man – using a map and topographic names. With the ability to concentrate on purpose, men are more likely to make great discoveries. Women are better able to adapt these discoveries to everyday life thanks to their creative development and high tenacity.

5. A woman is more likely to speak, a man — silent

Australian researchers estimated that the average man speaks a day of about 2,000 words, the average woman is about 8000.

This is because a woman often thinks out loud, picking up words and phrases to express her current emotions and conclusions. Her speech therefore flows softly and continuously like a wide river, reflecting the woman’s thoughts. At the same time, thoughts can be very different, and words are merely an external outline to them. This is why men marvel at how often ladies change their minds and their desires.

Men think silently, concentrating on the task. The extra words only distract them. They may not talk for a long time and the women around them often think that the man is offended or not interested in them. Women think in words, so constantly sit on their partners, questioning them, expressing their feelings and even simply filling the silence.

6. Men love eyes, and women – ears

Man, falling in love with a woman, fascinated, first of all, by her appearance. And only then — to everyone else. The woman is interested in how exactly loves her man. This can be explained by the fact that a woman needs to be loved for her to exist. For men, it’s not a big deal.

In Freud’s view, it’s harder for little girls to feel their identity because they don’t have a penis like boys, or female forms like a mom. This feature makes it dependent on male desires. But since men are polygamous from nature, women are well aware that men’s desires are fickle. So ladies need to constantly ask their partners whether they like them or not and why.

7. Men are self-sufficient, women need constant development

In the relationship between men and women the second is constantly necessary for their partner to move forward, develop with her. A man needs to be loved for what he is. If a woman starts to dislike something about him, he starts to question her feelings for him or take it as a rebuke.

At the same time, when a woman tells her man that they need to go somewhere more often, it does not mean that her man is homegrown. She just suggests he do anything together more often, shows attention to him.

8. Women want a man to anticipate her desires

From a male point of view, if a woman doesn’t ask for anything specific, then she doesn’t need anything. And she needs a lot from a man at this point, but she’s waiting for him to guess about everything himself.

Many women, through developed intuition, feel the needs of the people around them. And, to the best of their ability, satisfy them to the extent that they are capable of doing so. That being said, believe that men can do the same. And take offense to them when their partners can’t guess women’s desires.

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