6 sure signs date failed;

After a failed date on the shower becomes hard, there are doubts about how to behave next. It can be difficult to understand feelings. Psychologists advise paying attention to the signs that accompany all failed encounters. Getting to know them will help to better understand the situation. After that, perhaps, there will be relief, as it will become clear that on such a person should no longer lose their time.

Didn’t let phones out of hands

One of the main signs of a failed date is boredom. If people do not let phones out of their hands during communication, they are not interested in each other. Endless calls and sending messages indicate that there are things far more important than this encounter. Of course, there are exceptions as well. For example, if phone conversations involve urgent work. But in this case, the person has to explain their behavior. Studying social media pages during a date speaks for itself. If the first meetings are bored, what happens next? It is worth deciding whether such a person is so important. To spend the evening on the phone, you don’t need a partner.

Distance has not been shortened

When people are interesting to each other, you want to corporeal convergence. It’s not about allowing yourself everything on a first date. But with mutual sympathy, there will surely be a desire to shorten the distance. Even if the relationship has not reached a more personal level, you can always touch your hand, sit down closer, swipe off the shoulder of the interlocutor defunct dust. If there’s nothing of that, chances are things are bad. Tactile contact is very important, so it is not necessary to justify its lack of undue modesty. If there were attempts to get closer, and in the partner it caused rejection, it is pointless to feed the illusions. The reluctance of interlocutors to look into each other’s eyes can also be considered a lack of convergence. It’s a very subtle signal that should alert. If a person does not look at a potential partner, constantly draws his eyes away, study the menu for a long time or just looks at the plate, then he has no interest.

The conversation is not glued

If people are well together, then most often find a topic for conversation is not a problem. And when the conversation doesn’t glue, there are awkward pauses. You have to squeeze out of yourself some suspense phrases. It begs the question whether it’s better to break up right away. It may be about excessive shyness, but by the end of the date you can get loose. If that doesn’t happen, the meeting can be considered a failure. Next time you need to think well before agreeing to such communication. You can be engaged alone.

Stories about exes

Talk about exes on a date are not accepted. If the object of sympathy allows itself such, it means that it is either poorly brought up, or is not interested in further meetings. When during the conversation, the phrase about failed relationships, about former, problems in the former family, it is necessary to draw appropriate conclusions. It’s worth admitting that the date failed.

No one was nervous


period of the origin of the relationship is always very exciting. On first dates, people are unwittingly nervous, want to impress the object of sympathy. It’s always felt on an intuitive level. When the meeting takes place too laid-back and there is a feeling that the interlocutor simply came to speak out, laugh and make a joke rather than like it, the date can be considered a failure. Such a relationship can escalate into friendship, but it’s unlikely that anything serious will come out of it.

Quickly say goodbye

When there is sympathy, farewell to the man absolutely does not want. At the end of the meeting, you can judge how successful it went. If the man suddenly had affairs and he couldn’t carry out, but just called a taxi, the case is quite bad. Of course, there may be objective reasons for this behavior, but in this case there will be clear explanations and questions when you can call next time. A dry farewell is a signal that this meeting is likely the last. Perhaps it’s for the better. Unpromising relationships are better not developed from the beginning. Even if a man calls, not everyone will have the urge to repeat an unfortunate experience. For someone, talking near the driveway, long goodbye conversations seem like unnecessarily sentimentality, but it’s much better than just telling each other duty “bye.”

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