6 reasons a man doesnt want to leave his wife for a mistres

A man can confidently assure that with his wife in fact he has nothing for a long time, and in a minute he will be getting divorced… Unfortunately, this is the so-called old song that many unfaithful husbands wash their eyes to mistresses while simultaneously leading a quiet family life. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but they happen relatively rarely. Why would a man choose to stay with his wife rather than leave to another one? Here’s a list of most common causes.

1. Does not want to lose touch with children

Divorce is related to limiting contact with children. They usually stay close to their mother, and the father sometimes sees them. Also, in many situations, a son or daughter, after learning about a beloved dad cheating on his mom, don’t want to talk to him. Even if time heals the wounds and the relationship with the child returns to normal, but the divorce and its reasons will still be remembered.

2. Mistress is just a stranglehold from everyday life

It may seem cruel, but… Romance is fun. And often nothing else. A man sees his wife without make-up, in sickness when she has unwashed hair when she suffers from stomach flu… The mistress always has a good mood and she never gets a headache.

3. Fear for self-esteem

Even if the wife treats her own husband as a necessary evil, and marriage has actually long been only a fabrication, then it is the man leaving to another woman who will be have bastard and traitor status. He is certain to lose a lot of friends, maybe turn a part of the family away from him, it could affect his business contacts as well.

4. Fear of losing money

Divorce is subsequent alimony and division of property. If a woman stays with children, a man can be deprived of most of his life. Hardly anyone would want to earn everything anew, even if they fell in love.

5. Loves stability

Even if the unfaithful husband believes the passion in the relationship has long since died down, he is probably very attached to quiet stability. He knows his wife’s shortcomings perfectly, but he knows her merits as well. Even if he no longer loves her, he’s certainly used to her.

6. No respect for the mistress

Of course, such a man has no respect for his wife either. If he had it, he wouldn’t have cheated on her. However, there is no denying that many men simply do not respect their mistresses. They appreciate their beautiful body, their youth, but don’t feel respect for them and don’t really plan to divorce at all.

For a man, the connection on the side doesn’t always have an emotional attachment. He can spend time with one lady or often change partner. Promising to divorce soon means rather the intention to get closer to the desired body more quickly. Only actions speak about actual plans and feelings.

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