5 signs of a man who is better to drive

Women can do with their sweethearts differently. Some believe that the character of a man can be changed. Some use for this long “training”, act sometimes by cunning, and sometimes by scandals and try to remake the defensible “under itself”. Others accept a partner for what it is, with all the flaws and merits. Sometimes, wearing pink glasses, women of both types can’t immediately see signs that the relationship has already stalled, and something needs to be done about it.

What is it not worth putting up with? What are the signs of men with whom it is better not to continue?

1. A common option – a man has a set of rules and laws by which a woman must live. They are not allowed to deviate from them. The wife, in his opinion, is obliged to do all the work on the house, to obey him irrevocably. With no opinion of her own, she should be happy only that he chose her. He should always have fresh clothes, delicious dinner, cleanliness in the apartment. Even a wife’s illness is not considered an excuse that she didn’t have time to do something.

2. If a man is a lover to drink, life with him turns to hell. Constant swearing, oppression, often and handcrafting can bring a woman to despair. When the relationship was just beginning, she may not have paid attention to this bad habit of a man. Things often only get worse over the years.

3. A man who has achieved nothing in life begins to envy others, angry if his wife has a good job and her career goes uphill. Unsure of himself, he tries to lock the woman in four walls. Most often, such men insist that they should dispose of the money, giving the wife a certain amount for products. At the same time, the man remains dissatisfied if the wife exceeded the expense or made a purchase, which he does not approve, even if it is not made on his money.

4. There’s another type of men to stay away from – it’s lovers to live at the expense of women. Generally, products they don’t buy, explaining it to the fact that they don’t like to go shopping. In the cafe suddenly it turns out that the man forgot the wallet at home, and now grants the lady the right to pay for it. He can’t call himself, as he ran out of money on his phone. If this is repeated time after time, it is hardly temporary difficulties. Just a man and that’s fine with everything.

5. There’s an easy way to understand if you need this man. To do this, you need to imagine your life together in a few years. Only try to look at things real, not through rose-colored glasses. If you understand that you think of such a perspective with horror — it’s a crucial sign that it’s time to break off the relationship.

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