13 cruel love tips that work

Often people can’t find personal happiness due to not knowing relationship psychology. In dealing with the opposite sex, tough decisions sometimes need to be made. Don’t be afraid of loneliness. Understanding simple truths will help make room for new events, get rid of those who hurt. Psychologists’ advice will help to figure out themselves.

No one needs someone who doesn’t need himself

to like anyone, you need to love yourself, accept yourself with all the virtues and disadvantages. It has nothing to do with self-love. But confidence won’t hinder anyone. Only by accepting yourself can you live a decent and happy life. Such people are not afraid of loneliness.

A couple of unsuccessful dates is an excuse not to make a third meeting

If at the first meeting the person showed himself not to the best side, with him was not very comfortable, you can give him chance to rehabilitate. But when the situation repeats itself, one has to think. Better to break off such communication right away. Nothing good will come of it. The man will only lose time and be disappointed. More psychologists advise to remember: if on the first date in the chosen party annoys some small things, over time the dislike will only increase.

Communicating with married men – losing time

Many women make the mistake of associating fate with men who are not free. It’s worth remembering that they don’t need a wife, they already have one. Men like this are just looking for easy relationships, flirting. If the woman is comfortable with it and is not confused by the moral side of the issue, you can try it. But waiting for something from such communication is not necessary.

If it became difficult with a partner, it is better to break up

over time people change. Some of the habits or features of the partner can be learned only after time. If certain things became difficult to put up with, everything started to irritate, you need to break off such communication. Suffering in love is not the norm. People create couples in order to be happy. Better to get out of an unhealthy, ruining relationship in time than to agonize for years. One has to believe that all change is for good.

Wanting to get married, you should stop thinking about it

Intrusive thoughts about marriage are repelling men. This truth is known to many, but some girls for some reason stubbornly ignore it. When a woman sets a goal to get married, her behavior, attitudes toward herself and partners change. In the initial stages of a relationship, men need ease. If that’s not there, they leave to look for her elsewhere. Obsessive desire to marry specialists do not consider the norm.

Healthy love is about how happy a person is

many try to measure feelings with the level of suffering. But healthy love is about happiness, not about torment. And the experiences about unrequited feelings, the jamming are only a sign of self-pity. To love truly is to be genuinely interested in the object of sympathy. Understanding such a simple truth will help get rid of the negative.

A normal person does not start a relationship with someone who does not respect him

If a person shows disrespect, allows himself hurtful statements or actions, such communication should immediately be interrupted . When such moments are discovered in the course of the relationship, you should immediately tell the partner about it, honestly make the claims. If the situation does not change, such a union is no longer saved. The only time in every person’s life when he is objectively dependent and when he can be held hostage is childhood. At this time, he is dependent on his parents, but lasts such a relatively short time. In other cases, staying in any relationship becomes an informed choice.

Too high a bar prevents building a personal life

You need to love and respect, but in this matter it is important not to overdo it. Too high demands on potential partners prevent personal life from being built. Don’t forget that every person has flaws. It is only necessary to define for yourself what can be reconciled with and what is principled.

People are loved not because they bend

Wishing to like a partner, bending in front of him, acting their own principles, people prevent developing relationships. They love not for submission and willingness to always agree, to support. On the contrary, this behavior is repelling. The paradox is that bitchy women men are most often idolized.

A woman who dissolves into her husband gradually degrades

When a woman makes the decision to give up work and self-interest for her husband, she takes great risks. If you sit at home for years, degradation is inevitable. With such a partner becomes bored, which pushes the man to seek entertainment on the side. That leads to divorces. A woman must have some kind of occupation besides children, husband, household. Only then will it be possible to maintain a good relationship in the family.

If a man is not ready to marry, he must say goodbye


No need to hope that the beloved will ever call marriage. If the time since the beginning of the relationship has passed enough, the partners have managed to know each other well, and the communication can not reach a new level in any way, it is necessary to gently bring the man to this question. When he demonstrates that getting married doesn’t come into his plans, it’s better to break such a union. Otherwise you can lose a lot of time, and then deeply regret your indecision.

Loneliness is a lack of self-interest

Many people complain about loneliness. This feeling can occur in the course of a relationship as well. Actually loneliness is not the lack of friends or loved one in the life, but the loss of self-interest. To get rid of this feeling, you need to pay attention to your own development, to believe in yourself.

In a relationship, one does not need to pretend


desire to prove a partner’s own significance can hinder building a healthy and happy relationship. You don’t have to pretend to find your man. Otherwise, you will have to maintain the bar for a long time. And this is very difficult. It should be remembered that everyone is worthy of happiness and love. We only need to find your soulmate.

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