What faculties are in MSU

Faculties of Accurate Sciences

One of the priorities of MSU is the training of mathematicians. It is held at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. A student can choose one of the specializations within the faculty – mathematics, mechanics or mathematics in economics.

MSU Mehmat students regularly take prizes at international Olympiads.

Those who are more interested in programming, the Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics will suit. This faculty trains specialists to solve more practical problems, not only in the field of computer science, but also in the field of introduction of physical and chemical developments.

Faculties of Natural Sciences

Physics Faculty of Moscow State University is known for a large number of illustrious teachers – 8 of them were awarded the Nobel Prize. One third of the physicists who are part of the Academy of Sciences are graduates of Moscow State University. Although the main place on the faculty is on the training of students in fundamental disciplines, subsequently graduates of physical science can work not only in science but also in production.

The Faculty of Chemistry is one of the oldest in Moscow State University, it exists since the foundation of the educational institution. Training is conducted in one discipline – chemistry – but 18 different personnel representing all spectra of modern chemical science.

The Faculty of Biology trains specialists geneticists, anthropologists, physiologists, botanists. There is also a relatively new but very promising direction – biophysics. Graduates of the Faculty of Biology will be indispensable in pharmacological production, medical research and the study of flora and fauna.

Biofac separated the Faculty of Biotechnology, training primarily specialists focused on practical activities.

The Faculty of Geology trains specialists in Russia’s extremely sought-after field – search and mining of minerals.

Humanities faculties

of MSU train specialists in a wide range of humanities. Faculty of History and Philology produce both future scholars and potential teachers with a high level of training. Separately, there is an Asia and Africa Institute. He conducts training on the history, culture and politics of the ancient and modern East. In this institute you can become a specialist in one of the rare languages.

European languages students study at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Regional Studies. Graduates, in addition to knowledge of the language, receive other skills necessary to the translator, such as knowledge of the realities of the country of the chosen language.

MSU Law Faculty and Journalism Department are also widely known.

Also, knowledge about the politics of other countries can be learned at the Faculty of Political Science.

Public administration

Applicants seeking to work in public structures can enter a higher school public administration working under MSU. To do this, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in another field of knowledge, as schools lead recruitment only to master’s degree. Such an education may be useful not only to recent graduates, but also to professional managers who wish to improve their skills.

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