What benefits are for admission to the university of silver medalists

A silver medal is not always a determining factor in receiving any benefits when entering a higher education institution. But if you have passed the Unified State High Scores Examination, then the probability of this is greatly increased. In addition, the various certificates received for prizes at the Olympiads and other major events and competitions are considered together. Only in such cases can entrants expect to receive benefits and successfully pass the qualifying competition.

To begin with, you need to decide which universities you want to submit documents, and decide which directions and form of training suits the most. If there is a silver medal, then there is a sense to participate in the competition for budget seats. Upon entering university on a budget form of study, the student will receive a completely free education as well as a monthly stipend.

Find out which universities in your city or region have budget places, how to submit documents, and how the selection competition will take place. Usually most institutions require a student’s personal presence to write a statement. In the presence of a silver medal, it is necessary to come to the university independently, fill out the application form, submit documents on completed secondary education and show members commission all available achievements, including the medal.

Watch the selection competition take place on the university’s official website. Of course, gold-medal entrants as well as social beneficiaries may hold higher positions, but also silver medallists are usually in successful places. Remember that enrollees in wuhes have the right to file papers with five different institutions. This significantly increases the chances of successful selection for budget seats.

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