Useful read. Tales of a difficult moral choice

“Grandfather Archip and Legnka People’s lives affect

a lot. To the fate of his grandfather Arkhip and his grandson Lenka in the story M. Gorky’s revolution intervened. They have among many become beggars and destitute. From Russia moved to Kuban, because more alms were served in the south.

While waiting for the ferry, grandfather Arkhip thought about the ambulance death and the fate of his grandson. Legnke was 10 years old. He didn’t know how to do anything, and asking for alms from him was bad too, he hoped for the best. He was thinking of settling into an innkeeper or going to a convent. The grandfather was worried for the grandson and wanted to accumulate money to at least somehow facilitate his continued existence. It pushed him on impious deeds — he was stealing.

Legnka was worried and understood that, stealing, grandfather does bad. He felt dislike for his grandfather and condemned him for stealing. He did not want to be called thieves, and understood that stealing was a mortal sin. In a rush of desperation, Legnka said this to his grandfather. He called him an old thief, saying he stole the headscarf from the girl, offending her. There will be no forgiveness for that.

It all happened in the field. There was a thunderstorm, and rain poured. The grandfather of Arkhip was struck by the words of his grandson. He realized that the grandson was condemning and ashamed of him. Didn’t understand his grandson that his grandfather was doing everything for him. For his sake, he would go and humiliate, save money. He did not abide by stealing, taking sin on his soul. Seven years took care of him as much as he could. Didn’t expect his grandfather to hear hurtful words from his grandson. Grandfather got really bad.

They did not go to the village, but sat in the field in the rain. Grandfather prayed and counted. Legnka died with horror at the misgivings, screams and wild howls of Grandpa. The strongest fear engulfed Legnka, and he rushed to flee.

On the morning of the next day, a dying grandfather was found under a tree, numb with grief. He tried to ask where Legnka was, but he couldn’t. By evening, his grandfather had died, buried him immediately under a tree.

Three days later they found the dead Lenka. He was buried next to his grandfather, did not wish to be buried on the pogast. Grandfather and grandson were sinful and missing, they had no place on the holy pogast, nor was there a place on the brained land.

“ Family Man”

Life often puts people in a difficult situation and forces a decision to make. So happened to the old ferryman Mikishara in the story of M. Sholokhov “Family Man”.

Lived like an ordinary family man. Wife and nine children. The wife died, and left Mikishara with small children alone. World War I came. The world was divided into red and white. Everyone was driven to war. Mikishara was called into the white army. Two sons fought for the Red Army.

The first son was captured to whites and the will of the father’s case forced to shoot the son. The second son later fell into the hands of White Guards. Again to the father grief – led the son under the convoy to the White Guard headquarters. On the way, the son begged his father to keep him alive. His father’s heart was suffering, but he understood that if he let his son go, he would catch and shoot both. The rest of Mikishara’s children will remain destitute.

The father made a choice — forfeited two sons, but did not leave the younger children orphaned.

The war is over. Mikishara works as a ferryman. The kids grew up. Daughter Natasha is aware of her father shooting her brothers during the war. She rebukes her father for it — saying she is ashamed and sad to live near him.

Lives Mikishara with heavy cargo on his soul and still doesn’t know whether he did the right thing then, during the war, or not. The old man asks the stranger to reason, wants to hear from him a rousing answer, wants to justify himself. But no one will be able to give him the right answer and ease his soul. He will remember to death the eyes of the sons who glared begrudgingly at him for the last time.

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