Useful read. Stories of the brutality of fascists

“Teberda nabat To kill

by any means adults and not to spare children — about such behavior fascists the younger generation knows from history. In the story of S. Alexeyev described a case that occurred during the war in the Caucasus.

In one of the beautiful resort places, children are treated. They dream of what they will be when they grow up. But suddenly war broke out. Near the sanatorium there is a German commandant. One day a car drove up to the sanatorium. Worried adults, where they take children. Turns out they were taken away to be poisoned with gas in the van. Then taken to the mountains and dumped into the gorge.

The main point of the story is that fascism will never be forgiven!

“ Chomuti” Fascist

Germany wanted to turn all peoples into their slaves. About how this was happening, it is useful to read in S. Alexeev.

Fascists conquered territories and introduced their orders. One day people heard about some clamps. Everyone knew what it was. But they were told in circles that they were special.

Not horse, kind of goatee. The Soviet people built different guesses. Maybe the one who made the clamps had a size mixed up? Maybe the Germans will drive special horses? Maybe the boys made a joke?

They learned from the manufacturer of clamps that there was a special German order for Soviet people to sow bread for fascists in spring. It was for them, as a labor force, that clamps were made. But fascists did not wait for submission from Soviet people. They didn’t set up their necks. The whole nation has risen to the fight.

“ Grandfather, Grandmother, Gerhard and Gustav Cruel

was Hitler. He was inhuman to his people as well. You can make sure of this by reading S. Alexeev.

A German family lived: a grandmother, a grandfather and a grandson Gerhard. Grandfather Kurt has been a soldier in the past. He talked to parrot Gustav about Hitler’s victories and was glad of them. They all liked the greeting: “Heil Hitler!” The grandfather taught the parrot these words.

But here the war reached Berlin. Bomb him. Decided to take shelter in the subway. There were already a lot of people. It became calm for them. People dozed off in the evening. Suddenly the grandfather felt a burst of water, which then began to arrive. People began to panic and sink. It was done by Hitler, whom they idolized. He feared that, through the subway, Soviet troops would reach his chancellery. No human voices can be heard. Only the still-parrot, taught to say “Heil Hitler,” kept shouting that greeting.

“ Hofaker Many

in Germany during the war were afraid to disobey Hitler’s orders. One old man didn’t want to do his bidding. You can read about this case in S. Alexeev.

Old man Hofaker lived in the German city for seventy years. The Russians were conquering German lands. Fascists ordered cities not to give up, fight to the end to everything: old people and children. They began to take their grandchildren, but they were not given by their grandfather. Disobeyed the Fuhrer’s order. Three sons, three brothers-in-law — all died. He posted a white flag. Flags appeared on other houses as well. The fascists found out about it and killed the old man. It would have been bad for other residents, but Soviet troops had time. Hofaker’s grandchildren are still alive. His genus continued, thanks to Soviet soldiers.

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