Useful read. Stories of sparrows

“Sparrows Traveller

and writer V. Peskov did not leave out this bird. His observations and notes on sparrows are interesting and instructive.

Man has known sparrows since childhood. Their song is a simple tweet. And they themselves are combative and fussy.

An interesting story happened to sailors who sheltered sparrows on the ship. He sailed with them from Black to the Mediterranean. When the American missile carrier appeared close, the Russian soldiers became worried. But for nothing. Sparrow did not sit long on the mast of someone else’s ship and returned to their ship. The crewmen even cried out, “Hooray!” And the boatswain was scared and popped out, and then, finding out what it was, smiled.


worry from sparrows, of course, is quite a lot. They love sunflowers, and people have to tie them up. It’s interesting to watch sunflowers like they dressed up in headscarves. Next to many berries, people put effigies. Sometimes they are called thieves, but with this word lives another Russian word: “Vorobushek”.

There were no sparrows in America, and when they came, people were very happy about this bird. But times have come when a different attitude has begun to them. Long time the Americans were at war with them.

There has been a curious story in China, too. The crops of rice and wheat were destroyed at an incredible rate. Then the Chinese declared a sparrow war. And there were fewer of them. But soon China regretted it because the number of pests increased significantly.

It is impossible to say exactly: who the sparrow is a friend of man or enemy. Still, probably the first one, because he’s our assistant with harmful insects. And we’ll get bored if we especially in the city stop hearing the cheering. There aren’t many nice sounds left on Earth.

“ Magpie Tales. Sparrow Writer

A. Tolstoy talks about sparrows as human beings and endows them with the same qualities, such as a sense of shame.

On the bush sat sparrows and argued — which beast is the most terrible. One called a red cat, another — a corshun, a sparrow — boys, and a young sparrow said he wasn’t afraid of anyone. Suddenly a big bird flew on them. Everyone was scared.

And the sparrow ran on the grass and dived into the mink hamster, which took pity on him and even fed grains. He complained to the hamster about the black corshun. I thought I didn’t have to brag. And it turns out it was an old crow.

Everyone rejoiced that it was over well. Only the sparrow flew away from them into the grass. Shame on him very much.

Altai fairy tale “Grey sparrow Sparrow

is a cunning, clever bird. How he helped survive the shepherd’s family and his dog is told in this Altai tale.

In old times, a very rich, angry and greedy man lived on Altai. He had a shepherd. Summer and winter grazed sheep otara. He’s old. And the rich man decided to kick him out.


shepherd took the old lady’s hand, and they stepped together with the black dog. Stopped under cedar near the river, put a shalash and began to live in it. The dog went hunting every day and brought them that hare, then a deaf man. Here and the dog is old. The old man was quite on fire.

One day, a dog heard a sparrow offering him help. The bird offered to raise a noise in the woods so that the hares would freak out and run out on the dog. That’s how they fed old people.

One day a rich man appeared and forbade hunting beasts in his forest. He shot a dog from the bow. Before he died, the dog managed to tell the sparrow to take care of the old men. And he intended to take revenge on the rich man. Came over to his horse and started pecking it at the head. He saw the rich man and shot the bow at the sparrow, but hit the horse. He ordered the rich man to destroy all the sparrows.

When the sparrow flew in again, he began to peck the cap on the wife of a rich man who shot and hit his wife. The time came when the sparrow got to the richest man and made it so that he killed himself. Clever sparrow drove the old man a rich man’s sheep’s otara. He thanked the bird and called it to live near his yurt. So the descendants of the sparrow are friends with the man still.

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