Useful read. Stories of heroism

“Captain Gastello”

Feats performed throughout the war military of different specialties in different situations. The main goal of Soviet soldiers was enemies. To destroy them, regardless of any danger, risking their lives and even sacrificing it — such was the motto of Soviet soldiers.

In the story of S. Alexeyev described the case as pilot Nikolai Gastello performed a combat mission on the bomber, but the Germans managed to pick it up. Tilting the plane, he tried to bring down the flames. Downstairs at this time moved a German convoy and fuel tanks. Rejoice fascists that the plane is shot down The airman could have parachuted out, but aimed the plane at enemies. The Germans didn’t have time to run away. Eternal memory remained of the feat of Nicholas Gastello.

“ House”

In the story of S. Alexeeva refers to the selfless heroic act of a woman and her son, who sacrificed their home to defeat enemies. The Soviet tank brigade was catching up with the German one. The bridge appeared to be blown up. Decided to enter, but found very steep banks. Don’t know how to get over. Suddenly there was a woman with a boy and said it was easier to get over at their house. But still without a bridge. Then the woman offered to take apart on logs her house. Thought tankers, thought. How will they live, because winter begins. The woman convinced them that they would live in the dugout. There was no way the tankers could dare to do this. Then the woman first started hitting logs. They were Kuznetsova’s mother and son. And the tankers caught up with the enemy column. The war is over. On the site of that house there was a new one on which the words of thanks were written about the feat of mother and son.

“ Forest Road”

In the story of S. Alexeyev described an event that happened to the left alone with the fascist battalion fearless Russian tanker. In Belarus, a fascist tank battalion made its way through the forest around which there were marshes. Suddenly a cannon shot sounded. The front tank was subbed. Both tanks that wanted to detour drowned in the swamp. The Germans began to withdraw. And suddenly the last tank caught fire. The Germans saw a Russian artillery man. He was alone, but fought. The German superiors told their subordinates about how to love the Motherland in order to give life for it. This praise was earned by the Russian hero — Senior Sergeant Sirotinin Nikolai.

“ Titayev”

To perform a combat task, courageous fighters performed sometimes such miracles that descendants now have it is surprising. Dying, but in the last seconds have time to do what you have to do. About this story S. Alexeev.

Dangerous life in liaisons. Communication may be broken at any time. Performed the combat task of the communicator Titayev. He was in a hurry. Found damage in the funnel — the wire was cut with a splinter. All Titayev were proud. But no communicator came back. They went looking for him, they saw him on the edge of the funnel. Called him — does not recall. In war people get used to a lot. But what they saw shocked them. It turns out that he was fatally wounded, and he, losing consciousness, managed to bring wires to his mouth and squeezed his teeth. In the last lines of the story it is written about a soldier lying on the edge of the funnel. No, says writer S. Alexeyev, – I didn’t lie, and stood on a post.

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