Useful read. Stories of compassion for animals

“The Tale of a Black Dog”

 M. Valeeva tells about a black dog named Nedda. The girl took pity on the abandoned puppy, brought home, and the whole family decided to keep the dog in the house. But mom and dad weren’t sure they would be able to support the dog, and tried to fit it somewhere. They put up ads in the hope that there will be a dog owner. According to the announcement came a woman with a boy. It turned out that the son had a puppy, but he died, and the mother didn’t tell the boy the truth and decided to find another dog so as not to upset her son. They took Nedda.

The girl – the heroine of the story – severely endured separation from Nedda. She’s already had time to get used to it and love it.

One night, the girl woke up and decided she should take the dog away from those they gave it to. My mom went to that woman and talked to her. It turned out that the woman had already realized during this time that they didn’t need a dog. So Nedda went back to the girl again. The girl loved the dog, cared for it. I signed up for training courses and there it turned out that Nedda has a good dog grip. A training instructor offered the girl to sell him the dog, but she refused. Then the young man said, “You better sell until you’re taken away.”

Time has passed. Nedda grew up and grew up. One evening came trouble. As the girl walked her dog, Nedda found herself without a collar and, after feeling freedom, ran. The girl played hid in the entrance and in a few minutes didn’t find the dog. She was looking for her all evening, the next day and many more days, but… the dog was missing.

The girl got a new puppy. She was already a bit oblivious and was doing the dog, which she also named Nedda. The new Nedda grew and grew up.

It’s been 5 years. The girl and Nedda went to a dog show and a miracle happened there. They saw old Nedda. The girl’s joy was no limit: “I was happy at this moment. I always believed Nedda was alive. And that miracle turned out to be true.”

“ The Deserter”

Story by L. Ulitskaya about the woman Irina and her dog Tilda. In 1941 dogs were also called for war, there was a summons on mobilization. Owners had to bring their dogs. They were examined by vets and sent to war.

Irina brought Tilda to the draft point. There talked to the master of the shepherd and learned that small dogs are used against tanks. The dog is strapped with explosives and released on the tank. Irina was horrified to learn about it. She felt sorry for Tilda and she didn’t want her to die like that. A sense of duty struggled with pity and compassion for the dog he loved. The latter won. Irina left the point and took her dog to another apartment. She visited her there, fed her drinks and walked her.

At Irina the husband Valentin fought. It hasn’t been tidings for a long time. Did Irina do the right thing, sheltering a dog? After all, in wartime, this is considered desertion. But Irina made a difficult choice for herself. She understood that the anti-tank activity of dogs was also important at the front, where her husband fought as well. Tilda is alive and well, but Irin’s husband didn’t wait since the war — he was missing.

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