Useful read. Stories about relationships within the family

“Happiest day”

 Children respond sensitively to the breakdown of relationships between parents. Every kid wants mom and dad to never fight. About how the boy wanted to reconcile his parents, writes A. Alexin in in the story “The Happiest Day”.

In New Year’s holidays at school asked to write an essay about the happiest day. But the hero of the story mom and dad had a fight under the new year and didn’t talk to each other. The boy always worried when his parents quarreled, and thought how to reconcile them.

He remembered, on the radio, saying that joy and grief unite people. He figured out how to please his parents. I was cleaning up in the house. He was praised, but it didn’t help them make up. The boy decided to do the charging in the mornings, but neither did it help. Parents rejoiced for him, but somehow separately, alone.

Joy didn’t rally parents. Then the son decided to arrange an escape from home. Agreed with a friend who called his parents and said that the boy didn’t show up at him, though he had to come. Parents were worried. When the boy returned home, they sat near the phone pale and exhausted.

The boy felt sorry for them, but he justified his act by being so eager to save the family. And he got that. Dad and mom suffered together, two of them. They forgot about their grievances against each other and for the sake of their son were ready for everything. And when they gave up hugging and kissing their missing son, the boy had a heartbreak.

He realized it was the happiest day of his life, but he wrote the essay not on the subject. All that happens in the family is too personal and it’s not worth telling everyone about it.

“ Boots”

In the story of V. Shukshina “Boots” — Sergey Dukhanin went to the city with his companions. Along the way, he got a shoe store and noticed women’s boots there, which would have liked his wife. He wanted to buy them and please his wife. Boots were expensive — 65 rubles — half the cost of a motor scooter. Sergey spent half a day thinking about it, but the desire to please the spouse won. He bought boots. Work mates marveled at such a purchase — didn’t understand it. Sergei also had doubts whether his wife would like boots, whether she would scold him. Thought about it all the way.

Came home. The daughters asked if he bought anything. Sergei, worried, showed the box. The wife infuriated asked who he bought such boots, and began trying on. Her boots turned out to be small. The wife had long admired the shoemakers, pitied and scolded her feet. Tears glistened on the eyelashes. Decided that the boots would be worn by the eldest daughter Pear if she finished well.

Before bedtime, Sergei was thinking about buying, which seemed to him to make a lot of sense. He was good at heart, and it’s worth a lot. He understood that it is necessary to do joys when there is an opportunity. Wait and delay for later is not worth it. Life is transient, you won’t notice how you come to the last line. You will remember and regret the lost time, the missed opportunity to show attention and bring joy to loved ones.

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