Sites for effective distance learning

With distance education, teachers and children are poorly familiar. Parents used to be taught differently, so helping a child learn new material is not always easy on their own. In support of schoolchildren there are websites, thanks to which you can learn the school program when you are on a hospital or have to spend time at home due to other circumstances. Almost all websites for schoolchildren are conditionally free – for part of the materials will not have to be paid.

Distance learning with

The site offers classes for children of different ages. There are lessons:

  • ¬†in mathematics,
  • ¬†Russian language,
  • ¬†the world around us,
  • ¬†programming,
  • ¬†English.

Free Olympiads are often held with the possibility of obtaining a diploma. Distance learning on the teacher involves online lessons. They are free, every day there is a parsing of one topic.

10 cards a day can be executed for free. Registration is easy by all class or by yourself. In the latter case, parents will receive a weekly email alert with the child’s results. The tasks for primary school are offered in an interesting game form, children are engaged with pleasure. Disadvantage of service ‚ÄĒ 10 free cards end quickly. You can buy separate courses or full access.

It is a free educational project. It is possible to consolidate individual topics on Russian language, mathematics, algebra and geometry in a game form. Educational materials are presented in the form of videos, online simulators. For example, you can quickly learn vocabulary words for any class. Feature ‚ÄĒ you can’t enter the wrong letter, if the child is wrong, after the end of the class he will be asked to do the work on the errors. You can additionally order a card game ‚ÄúSlovariki‚ÄĚ to fix the material and expand the vocabulary of schoolchildren.

In mathematics, an oral account simulator works effectively, allowing you to master subtraction, addition, multiplication and division. There are lessons with basic rules. Convenient format, no unnecessary and distracting information.

Home school

Home school is a virtual platform where there are video lessons of the school program. Assignments are presented for children of all ages. Some of the material is freely available, but you will have to pay for advanced knowledge.

The site gives the opportunity to go to family training, get a state certificate. Materials are provided separately for children and parents. The site has access to textbooks, but it is paid except for individual topics.

Distance education on Yandex.Textbook

Separate entrance is available for teachers, parents and pupils. You can get tasks in mathematics, Russian language and the surrounding world with automatic verification. In Yandex.Textbook, teachers can independently create lessons for the entire class or for a particular child. There are more than 45 thousand jobs in the public domain.

The site is focused on primary school. A system for checking assignments has been created for teachers. It is possible to analyze the performance of each school student, to form for him topics in which there are more errors.

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