Should I learn lessons with a child?

1. Teaching a child to school is not necessary, you will prevent him from learning. Children’s psyche is arranged so that by 6-7 years they have a need for educational activity. If it starts earlier, when the child is not ready yet, and the main activity he has playing, then there is a high probability that the school will not be to his liking. Learning activities are closely related to attention. And if the child has to make great efforts to concentrate on completing tasks, he will cool them down.

2. In the first class the help of parents is required, but not in terms of the implementation of lessons, but in the organization of the process of adaptation in school — together with the child to make a plan of the day; help in choosing comfortable clothes, shoes; create a comfortable workplace in the house, etc.

3. Repeated help at the beginning of the second grade, approximately two months. Pediatric motor skills have yet to solidify writing skills, the psyche is not yet fully involved in the learning process, and after the summer holidays the child is experiencing learning difficulties.

4. All children are different. Unfortunately, the Russian school has recently started the process of individualization of students, but now there is still “equalization”, which does not take into account the psychophysiological features of children. One child is quick to master at school and the other takes time. Don’t take that into account and parents, they compare their child to others and make him home hell.

5. If a child in school is behind other children, and teachers demand that parents do more at home with them, it is better to transfer them to another program corresponding to their development or to another school. You can’t put an adult’s ambition ahead of a child

6. Many parents nurture in children the desire to learn for the sake of good appreciation. Such children do not learn for knowledge, and for them a poor grade is a serious stress affecting health. In the future, they will have serious psychological problems related to dependence on someone else’s opinion.

7. Parents should always stand on the side of the child. This does not mean that they have to conflict with the teaching staff of the school, it means – to understand the child, its features, to create conditions for their successful development and socialization .

8. Unfortunately, ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder) is common now. Not always parents know that the child has this disease. Parents torment the child with lessons, not realizing that it is difficult for him to concentrate attention due to the high level of activity of neural processes. Children with ADHD are very difficult to learn, but the disease is treatable. To understand what is happening to the child, you need to visit a neurologist.

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