How to write an EGE essay on the text B. Vasiliev “On the necessity of labor, about its beauty, miraculous power…”

You’ll need
  • Text B. Vasiliev “The necessity of work, its beauty, miraculous power and magical properties in our family has never been said…”

Reading the text, it is necessary to focus on what the author says about work and how he himself relates to work: “Writer B. Vasiliev raises the topical problem of attitude to work. Centuries pass, and work has always been and remains the foundation of human life. But the attitudes of different generations to work are changing. Therefore, the author is concerned about these changes.”


The first illustrative example would be an example about the author’s family: “This problem the author reveals by the example of his family. The fact that it was necessary to work, in their family was not even spoken. Labour was a part of people’s lives, without which, as without air, could not be lived.
The author recalls his large family. For the description of work on the vegetable garden B. Vasiliev uses the phraseologism “daily bread”. He still feels the palms burning from the grass that should have been canned. In the evenings, the family was not idle. The head of the family did men’s work, women sewed, knitted, spun. The children read aloud and the little ones played silently.”


A second example illustrating the problem may be the author’s opposition to the concept of “labor” to the concept of “rest”: “The writer explains descendants, as previously perceived the concept of “rest” and contrasts this worldview with modern understanding. He is worried about the fact that rest has begun to take up a huge amount of time in modern man.”


In the next part of the essay it is necessary to write about the author’s point of view: “The author’s attitude to work can be understood in its recognition that since childhood was raised so that he despised idleness and thirst for acquisition. That the writer has a desire to bow low to the family, that he has been so raised, causes respect for this man and for his family.”


Arguing your agreement with the author can be using social research information: “I have no doubt about the correctness and relevance of the author’s thoughts on labor. Reading various social studies sources, it is possible to make sure that it is to work that man owes his existence. It is known that only in the process of activity, physical and mental, a person knows the world, himself and creates everything necessary for life. And all future generations, of course, should not lose touch with continuous work.”


In the conclusion it is possible to broaden the circle of thoughts about work and once again say about the writer’s point of view: “So, people have different attitudes to work. The education of responsible attitude to work is laid in the family. B. Vasiliev believes that there should be no such life setting, where the rest time can always and everywhere be more than the working time.”

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