How to substantiate your opinion in the essay of the EGE? The problem of magnanimous

Magnanimity of heroes Pushkin’s story “Captain’s daughter 1.High

mental qualities possessed the protagonist of the story Pyotr Grinev. He wrote about what happened to him while serving in the Belogorsk Fortress. Defending the honor of the girl he liked, Grinev was wounded. The commandant of the fortress arrested Alexei Shvabrin, and as Grinev recovered, he asked Captain Mironov to release him. Remembering this, P. Grinev explained this act to his peace-loving, benevolent character. He wrote that he was from nature not malicious and forgave Schwabrina and the quarrel and wound he suffered during the duel. N. Grinev understood that the youngster’s smugness was offended because the girl rejected him. The protagonist showed nobility, realizing that his rival was unhappy. When P. Grinev was arrested, brought the chief responder Schwabrin. Grinev marveled at this man’s change. That one was awfully pale and thin. His hair seared him. He spoke in a weak voice. But P. Grinev even didn’t think to be happy about such condition of the rival.

2.The story shows the greatness of the soul and historical personalities – Catherine II and Emelyan Pugachev. Catherine II showed mercy to the state criminal when she learned the true reason for his behavior. When P. Grinev was given a sentence of life exile, Masha Mironova decided to go to the empress and tell about what was the reason for his close connection with the rebel Pugachev. During their meeting, Catherine II told the girl that she was convinced of her fiancé’s lack of guilt and that she was happy to comply with her request. E. Pugachev is depicted not only as a representative of the people, as a rebel, brutally dealing with nobles, but also as a man capable of magnanimous acts. He pardoned Grinev. Pugachev didn’t remain indifferent to the fate of the orphan who was offended. When he saw a defenceless girl in a semi-frostbitten state, he helped keep injustice from happening. Even after learning about the deception of Grinev, who hid information from him that Masha is the daughter of Captain Mironov, Pugachev understood Peter’s explanation and was humble, letting the couple in love on all four sides. Exhibiting magnanimity in the name of good and justice is a valuable quality of people regardless of their social status. It speaks of a person’s desire to do good for others, to try not to be malicious, to live not deception, but to the truth.


generosity and compassion of Mary in the story “Mother of Man”

Pregnant woman, the main character, Novosti V. Zakrutkina was left alone on burned by the Germans. Maria decided to live in the unburned cellar of her home and saw a wounded German there. He was very young. Maria felt hatred for him. It was as if she saw the hanged husband and son Vasyatka, the executioners – fascists. “Half-crushed, unfinished gadenish” was presented to Maria now this German soldier. She squeezed her pitchforks so that her fingers whitewashed, and started talking to him. The woman asked him what killed her relatives and other Hutorians. She was convinced that he would now answer for everything. The woman, having swung, has already lifted her pitchfork, turned away and… suddenly heard a German call her mom. When Maria woke up, she felt the German stroking her palm and telling her about himself. The woman listened to him and, although she did not know the language, felt that he was telling about his family and how he got to the front and what happened to him.

And the woman who suffered believed him and was horrified that she wanted to kill him. So the sense of revenge left Maria. She examined his wounds and, concealing the truth about the fatal wound, reassured the youngster by telling him he would live. A woman with pain and pity thought about his childhood, comparing him to his Vasyatka, who was to blame for people’s deaths, how his mother would suffer. She had drunk him with milk, brought hay and, conversing with him, learned his name.

As he was dying, Mary called him her son’s name. She cried and asked not to leave her. The woman held cold hands of the young man for a long time, then closed his eyes. She felt very sorry for the young enemy soldier who died of a fatal wound.

A person who deeply feels the affliction of another, even one who caused him immense suffering, is capable of a magnanimous act — of caring for that person.

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