How to learn 30 foreign words per hour

You will need
  • – paper or cardboard cards of a rectangular shape size 4 by 7 cm;
  • – pen or pencil;
  • – stickers.

Open a list of the most used words on the Internet. The main thing is that they are not alphabetically. For example, 100, 1000, or 3000 most used words. It’s already up to you, it all depends on the initial knowledge of the language. I liked the site with a selection of top 3000. For beginners, the “Minilex Gunnemarca”, where the most used English words and expressions are collected.


Write out 30 words on your cards. On the one hand the word is in English with transcription for convenience, and on the other hand their translation.


Take one word. Let it be crash (crash) — “destroy”. And you pick up an association for it. I have it crash ice that will be served with refreshments. To get crash ice, you need to destroy a piece of ice. The association is ready. Three times repeat the word aloud in English and put off the card. You repeat the same procedure with the other 29 words. I will give an example of another word, for example flee (fli) — “run away”. A picture is drawn in the head as the flipchart runs away from the Speaker. Three times you repeat the word. Next, delay the card and proceed to a new word. If you are just starting to master the technique, it is better to take nouns or verbs, to them it is easier to pick associations than to adverbs and prepositions.


Once you come up with 30 associations, you need to repeat words. It is necessary to do this as follows. First 3 times in a circle recall the Russian translation of the word. Card after card. After each circle, the words need to stir. Then turn the cards with Russian translation and remember the English meaning of the word. If you want to learn more words in one go, then I advise you to divide those words into 2 bunches. For example, you want to learn 50 words. Then divide the cards into 25 words. First learn the first stack and repeat 3 times on each side. Then the second one.
After that, mix all 50 words and repeat them using the same technique. First you remember the Russian translation, and then the English one.


Set aside cards and attach to them the sticker on which you write the date of repetition of words. This is where the technique of interval repetition is connected. Remember the words the next day, on 3 and on 7. After that, it is no longer necessary to repeat. Words will remain in long-term memory.

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