How the position of a class leader

Traditionally, class management contacted the organization of educational work with children. In pre-revolutionary Russia there were pedagogical posts in educational institutions, which involved the supervision and upbringing of children. Already since the time of Peter the Great in military educational institutions began to introduce positions of officers – educators.

During the second half of the 19th century there were positions of tutors and class ladies in grammar schools and schools. Their duties included monitoring students not only in educational institutions but also in public places.

During the Soviet period in the twenties these positions were abolished. However, since 1933, the post of class head is again introduced into the Soviet school. Since 1989, the project of the released class leader, authored by O. S. Gazman, has been put forward. His main idea was to liberate the teacher from the training load, in order to direct all his activities to individual education of students.

In modern Russia there are different types of classroom leadership: teacher subject (with additional classroom guidance), classroom tutor (free from the training load), classroom curator (minimum teaching load, maximum active individual work with students).

The main purpose of the work of modern class leaders is to create conditions for self-realization and self-development of the student’s personality.

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