How easy to master a foreign language

1. Above all, a great desire and belief in one’s powers is necessary. After all, as says the English proverb Where there is a will there is a way (Where is the hothenie, there and diminish). When a specific goal is set, it is necessary to act!
2. An integral element for achieving the desired outcome is the fight against laziness. After all, it prevents people from achieving a goal, making dreams a reality. Without serious, painstaking work, nothing will work!
3. The most effective way to quickly learn a foreign language is to plunge into the language environment. Daily communication with native speakers will immediately result in the desired result.
4. To build up the vocabulary it is necessary to place all words in a foreign language. Thus, they will always be in front of the eyes, which means they will be remembered faster.
5. It is useful to teach words not on their own, but in verbiages. Do not chase the number of words, choose the words you need to use in your speech.
6. The result will bring daily listening to songs and foreign language radio, as well as watching subtitled films. It is advisable to choose those movies you have previously watched in your native language.
7. It is very important when learning a foreign language to write by hand. This involves motor memory, so make a notebook in which you will write words, .phrases, sentences.
8. Try to think and speak a foreign language. At every opportunity, speak your thoughts out loud. Find a partner to speak to or correspond with in the language being studied.

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