English: simple and independent

The best teacher is travel. Getting into the foreign-language environment, you immediately immerse yourself in the world of other people’s words and expressions. Even if you don’t want to, you’ll have to learn and pin down basic phrases and expressions. And a good and strong basis is half a time.

Read books in English. It is best to choose books with parallel translation, that is, those where one page is in English and the second page contains a translation of the first. So you will save time searching for the right word in dictionaries. Your visual memory will actively work: over time you will remember the spelling of words, the order of words in sentences, some turns of speech. So grammar will strengthen, too. Some books are sold along with discs where the works printed in the book are read. It will be nice to fix the read and by ear.

Watch movies in English. May you not understand a word at the very beginning. Gestures, facial expressions, intonation of actors will help you orient yourself in what is happening. Gradually you will learn to take foreign speech by ear, to understand everything other people say. Also, listen to songs in English, watch foreign language TV channels, listen to English radio stations.

Swap a little of your phone, computer or tablet: make the menu in English. With this technique you have to deal with every day, so the words themselves will be gradually remembered, as you will see them regularly.

The internet allows us to communicate with people from all parts of the world. Meet a foreigner whose national language is English. So, through interesting communication, you will not only regularly practice and improve your English language, but perhaps you will find a good friend.

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