What glasses drink cognac

Special brandy glass

The lion’s share of the pleasure of cognac is contained in its fragrance. Therefore, a special glass for this drink is called a snifter. This word comes from the English verb to sniff, that is, “sniff”. It is a special shape glass made of smooth colorless crystal or glass. It is a putted shot on a low pedicel that narrows sharply to the upper border. Snifters come in different sizes. It is possible to find very small variants of seventy grams, but there are also large copies of four hundred grams. Cognac into such vessels is poured to the widest part of them and never higher.

To appreciate the cognac, pour thirty to forty millilitres of drink into a glass and touch your finger to the outside surface. Now look from the other side of the glass at this place. If your fingerprints are visible, you have a good cognac in front of you.

The French manner of drinking cognac says that first you have to drink coffee, then enjoy cognac, and then smoke a cigar.

Now spin the glass and look at the traces of the drink flowing down the walls. If the characteristic elongated footprints retain their shape for about five seconds, the aging of this brandy is five to eight to nine years, if about fifteen seconds is a twenty year old brandy if traces “hold” seventeen-eighteen seconds — in front of you a unique fifty year old brandy. The

least subjective criterion of evaluation of cognac is its fragrance, which is why it is so important to use sniffter. This glass due to its shape fully allows the unique fragrance of cognac to reveal itself. The flavor of the drink can be divided into three waves. The first one is felt at a distance of five centimeters from the edge of the sniffter – it is light and vanilla tones. At the edge of the glass you can feel the second wave – thin and clear fruit and floral smells. The highest quality cognacs have the smells of violets, roses, apricots. The concept of “third wave” includes the smell of aging. More often than not, these are complex tones, similar to the aroma of an expensive port wine.

The right atmosphere of drinking cognac

Good cognac is drunk in an intimate environment with friends, it is not customary to snack. The Russian tradition of eating this divine drink with slices of lemon was introduced by Nicholas the Second. Its meaning is unclear, good cognac does not require “eating” the unpleasant taste that tequila has, for example.

Professional tasters use a shot other than sniffter. It’s much longer and longer.

Cognac when served should be slightly warmer than room temperature. Sniffter with cognac is heated in the palms, to hold it over the fire — unseemly. Usually brandy is drunk after the end of the feast in its pure form. While eating, it is not desirable to drink cognac, because food does not allow you to feel the bouquet and taste of the drink.

Young, ordinary cognacs are part of many alcoholic cocktails. More often than not, cognac is added to cocktails, which have a tonic effect. Of course, high-quality brandy varieties are not added to such drinks.

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