Most Famous Cocktails;


This famous cocktail has a good refreshing effect, so it is best to drink during the warmer months.

You will need:
– 60 ml Cuban rum
– half lime
– 7 leaves of mint
– 2 tbsp sugar
– carbonated water, for example Perrier
– pricked ice.

There is no mint liqueur added to the classic mojito variant.

Cook the cocktail right in the glass to serve. Squeeze the juice from the lime. Put the mint leaves on the bottom of a high glass, pour the lime juice on top and pour in the sugar. Muddle the leaves a little so they give juice. On top, pour the rum and fill half a glass with ice. Pour the carbonated water on top. Gently mix the cocktail and serve with a tube. If desired, the edge of the glass can be decorated with mint leaves or a slice of lime.

Pina colada

This cocktail is associated primarily with tropical beaches and exotic islands.

You will need:
– 40 ml white rum;
– 20 ml dark rum;
– 120 ml pineapple juice;
– 40 ml coconut milk;
– stab ice;
– a slice of pineapple;
– candied cherry.

Drain the rum, juice and coconut milk into a shaker, add finely pounded ice. Whisk the cocktail and serve it in a high and voluminous wine glass. Garnish the edge of the glass with a slice of pineapple, and put the candied cherry on top.


This cocktail is simple to prepare and in the composition of ingredients, but has continued success with the public.

You will need:
– 50ml tequila;
– 30ml liqueur cuantro or gran marnier;
– half lime;
– stab ice;
– salt;
– separately slice of lime for decoration.

Squeeze the juice from the lime. Pour the juice, tequila and liquor into the shaker, add ice and whisk. Serve a cocktail in a high glass, the edges of which will be sprinkled with salt and decorated with a slice of lime.

Blue Lagoon The

specificity of this cocktail is that it is painted in a rich blue color.

You will need:
– 40ml vodka;
– 30ml curacao liqueur;
– half lime;
– stab ice.

Squeeze the juice from the lime. Pour all ingredients into the shaker, adding ice. Whisk the cocktail and serve it in a high martini glass.

This cocktail can be decorated with a thin spiral from the rind of used lime.

Bloody Mary

You will need:
– 40 ml
vodka; – 120 ml tomato juice;
– 10 ml lemon juice;
– 1 tsp Wurchershire sauce;
– 2 drops of tobasco
– sprig of parsley
– crushed ice
– salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Pour all ingredients into a tall glass and stir. Add ice, salt and pepper to the glass to taste. Garnish the cocktail with a sprig of fresh parsley.

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