How to prepare an alcoholic cocktail “Black Russian”

Cocktail “Black Russian”: a classic recipe

To prepare a real “Black Russian”, you need to buy a traditional “Kalua” liqueur from Pernod Ricard, made based on Mexican Arabica. This aromatic alcoholic drink drowns out the fortress of vodka and gives the cocktail an original, memorable taste and characteristic aroma.

According to the accepted tradition, the composition of the cocktail “Black Russian” includes 7/10 parts of high grade vodka and 3/10 parts of coffee liquor. Special thick-bottomed glass old-fashioned needs to be pre-cooled, then place the crushed ice in it and pour first “Kalua”, then – vodka. Alcoholic drink stirring is not recommended.

“ Black Russian” is called the ancestor of coffee cocktails. It is believed that it was first made in 1949 by Belgian bartender Gustave Top, who was then working at the Brussels hotel “Metropole”.

The cocktail fortress can be adjusted. So, a mixture of liquor and vodka in proportions 1:1 is very popular. In this case, 4 ice cubes and 40 ml of Russian alcohol and “Kalua” will suffice for one serving. To prepare a decent portion of the drink, it is acceptable to use a shaker. Decorate the glass old-fashioned can be with a mug of lime or lemon, cut on one side.

Metamorphosis of “Black Russian”

Since its emergence, the world-famous recipe for “Black Russian” cocktail has undergone many changes. So, among modern bartenders it is customary to mix Russian vodka with green mint liquor Creme de menthe (with cognac in composition), getting at the exit so-called “Green Russian” cocktail. When replacing coffee “Kalua” with Cherry Brandy cherry liquor you can treat yourself to a strong “Red Russian” alcoholic beverage.

Modern series of liqueurs “Kalua” with various additives allows to bring some taste nuances to the recipe. In addition to traditional, today the stores sell liqueurs with the taste of espresso, vanilla, chocolate, hazelnuts.

It is enough to decorate the traditional mixture of coffee liquor and vodka with whipped cream, and “Black Russian” will turn into “White Russian” – a popular drink with own story. Taking advantage of the famous recipes of the best bartenders, at home you can “whitewash” coffee cocktail not only with cream, but also goat or removed milk, liquor “Baylis”, almond drink” orchata”. Vodka is acceptable to replace with rum. Strictly speaking, when making changes to the recipe “Black Russian” will turn out no less original and strong, but already completely different cocktail.

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