How to prepare a cocktail Ersh

Cocktail “Ersh”: classic recipe

According to the traditional recipe, it is necessary to mix high-quality Russian vodka with beer in proportions of 1:10 (e.g. 50 ml per 0.5 l). You can prepare an alcoholic drink directly in a beer mug. Choose for a cocktail dense beer of light variety, which is distinguished by a pronounced taste of hops.

A mixture of vodka with beer was known as early as the 19th century. It is believed that the story of the emergence of the cocktail “Yersh” began with the habit of the prudent Russian merchants to collect leftover drinks from festive tables in one capacity.

Pour the required beer portion into a clean chilled container first and let the foam stand well. After that, with a thin trickle, in the middle of the glass, pour vodka. Drinking that quick-heady alcohol is prescribed immediately, by volley. Although, optionally, the cocktail can be pre-kept in the refrigerated compartment. It allows a wide variety of snacks: fish, caviar, meat slicing, seafood.

“ Yersh” with lemon, pepper, honey

Lovers of original strong alcohol, mixing beer with vodka, often add fresh lemon juice to the drink. To quickly squeeze it out of the citrus, hold the fruit in boiling water for three minutes, then make a deep longitudinal incision on the peel. In a beer mug or a spacious glass pour a glass of beer and a glass of quality vodka. Squeeze 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.

Folk medicine lovers claim that the cocktail “Yersh” combined with black pepper is able to quickly cure colds. For this recipe, pour into light beer (200ml) strong vodka or rum (10ml), add table salt at the tip of the knife and a pinch of freshly ground pepper. A completely different touch of taste will give dark beer, as well as cayenne red pepper instead of black.

“ Yersh” will have to taste the lover of strong alcoholic beverages, however, you should not be keen on a core mixture of vodka and beer. The cocktail has a truly “armor-piercing” effect.

Sweet alcoholic beverage known as “Russian” is obtained when mixing vodka (2 parts), beer (7 parts) and natural bee honey (1 part) .$ Honey cocktail is recommended to be served with stab ice. Decorate a glass with kernel “Ershom” can be a mug of lime or lemon, and a mixture of vodka and beer with salt and pepper – covered with a small amount of ground coffee.

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