How to make tequila boom

You will need
  • – tequila Blanco (“light”) or Rlata (“silver”) – 50 ml;
  • – carbonated drink “Sprite” – 0.5 cups;
  • – crushed ice on to your taste.

Place in a special glass for making Old fashion cocktails with a very thick bottom of the ice cubes, after what to pour into the container one after the other components of the alcoholic beverage. If desired, you can put interesting taste experiments: use any soda in the recipe, including lemonade of the required color, “Coca-Cola”, “Pepsi”, “Fantu”. If you want a stronger Tequila Boom cocktail (a real “bomb”), take fresh beer as an alcoholic basis.


Cover the cocktail glass with your hand as tight as possible. You can use any suitable cover or just a dense cardboard sheet. Reliably holding the coating of the container (liquid should not splash out!) , strike the bottom of the glass twice on the table with sufficient force. Incidentally, the original American name of the popular drink sounds like Tequila Boom Boom, which in itself prompts the bartender the right amount of punches for mixing the cocktail. You should hear the characteristic strong hissing of carbon dioxide bubbles. This is a signal that the product is ready and it needs to be used urgently.


Drink the contents of a cocktail glass with a volley. It is recommended to snack “Tequila Boom” with a slice of fresh lime or grapefruit.

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