How to make coffee with halva

For a coffee drink with halva for 1 serving will need:

– ground coffee – 2 tsp;

– ice cream filler with vanilla flavour – 50 gr. or milk – ½ cup (100 gr.)


– halva sesame or peanut – 50 gr.


is a blender.

To prepare a coffee drink, it is necessary to prepare all the above ingredients and determine the number of portions. Ingredients and their quantity can be taken in strict proportion, or by pushing back on their taste preferences.

Namely, ice cream will give the drink a unique vanilla-cream taste. Milk will reduce the calorie content, make it lighter and less dense in consistency. Sesame halva gives a bittersweet oily flavour, and peanut gives a nutty aftertaste. In addition, if you move away from the suggested classic proportions, the coffee drink will be filled with a variety of taste. For example, instead of 50 grams of ice cream, take 100 gr. and 30 gr. of halva, to have a rich creamy taste, and the taste of the nut only complemented. And vice versa.

After choosing ingredients, you can proceed directly to the preparation of a coffee drink. Initially, in any familiar way it is necessary to boil coffee. Next, in the bowl of blender, crumble halva and pour hot freshly brewed coffee. If milk is used instead of ice cream, then it should be heated, but not brought to a boil. Add to the blender to the halva and coffee. Beat all contents to a uniform consistency. The main thing is not to overdo that the drink, due to the large fat content in the halva, does not turn into a thick mass. Then add the ice cream to the blender and beat 3 — 5 seconds again.

In order for a coffee drink to acquire a truly creamy texture, it should be passed through a sieve. Otherwise, when consumed, small pieces of peanuts or sesame seeds can be found.

The finished drink is poured over coffee glasses if available. If not, it will look equally beautiful in a simple white cup.

To decorate, cappuccino beat the milk foam and gently lay out on a coffee drink. If desired, pour on top of cinnamon. Either replace the milk foam with two balls of vanilla ice cream. Hot coffee and cold ice cream will give spicy drink.

For a hot day, this drink will be ideal in cold form with the addition of ice cubes. At the same time, it perfectly preserves its creamy texture and taste qualities.

This coffee drink turns out Eastern delicious, thick and velvety, like southern nights. It is perfect for hot days and cold evenings. This is a great option to treat yourself, family and friends.

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