How to make cocktails from “Bacardi”

Cuban rum

Facundo Bacardi tried many technologies, and stopped at cleaning rum using the coal method, coal filtered all harmful impurities and thus rum acquired its mild taste.

Sales of Bacardi rum increase every year and amount to millions of bottles, the popularity of the drink is due to the fact that it is very often added to the various cocktails.

“ Screwdriver”

Cocktail recipes with the addition of rum are a great variety, some of them truly unique, and some are available and known to many. The famous “screwdriver” cocktail combined with rum takes on new taste values. And it is manufactured as follows. For starters, take:
– 50 milliliters of rum,
– 100 milliliters of orange juice,
– slice of lime,
– ice cubes.

In a special high glass, put ice cubes on the bottom and pour the rum over, and pour everything on top of orange juice. Lime can be tossed for decoration or squeeze juice out of it on the very top of the cocktail. By the way, for such a drink is also great for grapefruit juice.

“ Sweet rum”

For lovers of sweet cocktails you can offer the following beverage option. For a sweet drink you will need:
– 20 milliliters of Baccardi rum,
– 90 milliliters of apple juice,
– crushed ice
– amaretto.

Amaretto is a liqueur made based on almonds or apricot bones that has a dark brown tinge. So by blending all the ingredients with a blender, you’ll get a homogeneous sweet mass that can be served in a small glass: narrow bottom and overpriced towards the top. “Sweet Rum” is one of the variants of the world-famous pina colada cocktail.

“ Tropical Paradise”

Another sweet cocktail you will be able to please your loved ones by taking the following ingredients:
– 30 milliliters of Bacardi rum,
– 10 milliliters of amaretto,
– 60 milliliters of freshly cooked orange juice
– 5 milliliters of apricot liquor.

With the help of a shaker, mix all ingredients with ice, then put ice in a glass (up to half a cup) and pour the resulting mass, for decoration you can use cherries or slices orange and lemon.$

Thanks to cocktails gained even more popularity, but do not forget that rum is good in pure natural form, without adding to other drinks.

“ Daiquiri”

Such a famous cocktail as “Daiquiri” thanks to the rum gained even more popularity and soft tender taste. To cook it, take one teaspoon of sugar, 50ml Bacardi rum, 20ml lemon or lime juice and crushed ice. For 30 seconds, impress these components with a blender, then place this drink in the prepared glass and decorate with pineapple slices.

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