How to make a Cemetery cocktail

Cocktail “Graveyard of Mind”: method of preparation

For the cocktail “Graveyard of Mind” you will need the following ingredients:
– silver tequila (50 ml);
– absinthe (40 ml);
– Kahlua coffee liquor (20 ml);
– Cointreau orange liqueur (20 ml).

Important! Ice is not added to the cocktail, however, all the ingredients of the cocktail must be chilled.

Required inventory:
– 2 stacks;
– 1 martini glass;
– cocktail spoon or small knife;
– matches.

Method of preparation:
1. Pour into a martini tequila glass.
2. In one of the stacks, pour absinthe.
3. Pour Kahlua coffee liquor onto the bottom of another stack, and top it, using a cocktail spoon or knife, let Cointreau liqueur.
4. Then set fire to both stacks.

However, in addition to the ability to prepare such a cocktail, it is necessary to learn how to use it correctly. Please note that you will not be able to drink this drink without assistance. Since in the meantime, while you are quick through straws to drink tequila, your mate is obliged to slowly pour into your glass, first absinthe, and then a mix of liquors. It’s a complicated process, but it’s worth it. From such a drink your mind to go on a distant journey!

Cocktail “Ghost in the Cemetery”: The way of cooking

The name “Ghost in the Cemetery” speaks for itself. Black vodka in a duet with a slice of ice cream is easily associated with a ghostly creature in the twilight of the cemetery.

Cocktail “Cemetery” is not a drink for the faint of heart. Categorically prohibited for special persons under 18 years of age.

To prepare this cocktail you will need the following ingredients:
– black vodka (60 ml);
– chocolate-vanilla liqueur White creme de cacao (60 ml) );
– vanilla ice cream (1 ball);
– nutmeg.

One of the main elements is black vodka – you can buy in large liquor and vodka stores or large supermarkets. The cost of it can be about 400-500 r.

Required inventory:
– Shaker;
– High glass (highball)

Cooking method:
1. In the shaker, smash black vodka with White creme de cacao liqueur.
2. Put in a high glass 1 ball of ice cream.
3. Gradually and gently pour the contents of the shaker into a high glass.

Drinking such a cocktail is necessary without respite, volley, in a snack with nutmeg.

Having prepared one of the varieties of cocktail “Cemetery”, you will pleasantly surprise your friends and have a terrific time! But remember that everything should be a measure, so when drinking alcohol should not exceed its dosage.

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