How to cook berry liquor

Cherry liqueur

– 1 kg cherry;
– 1 liter of alcohol or cognac;
– 1 liter of sugar syrup.

Rinse the cherries, remove the bones and peduncles, fold in the jar, pour in a liter of alcohol or brandy. Leave to insist on 10-15 days. Stir the berries sometimes.

Their sugars and water boil the sweet slightly thick syrup. Remove the juice from the cherries, mix it with a liter of syrup, filter, pour over the bottles. Store the finished drink in a cold place.

Blueberry liquor

– fresh blueberries;
– 1 liter of rum;
– 1 liter of sugar syrup.

Rinse the blueberry berries, remove a liter of juice from them, strain. Mix the juice with rum and sugar syrup (in the process of making syrup, add cinnamon and cloves to taste). Pour over the bottles. Liqueur is ready to eat.

A bouquet of cloves, rum, cinnamon complement the faint aroma of blueberry juice, giving the finished liquor a subtle punch flavor.

Liqueur “Black Johanna”

– 1 kg of blackcurrant;
– 1 liter of vodka;
– 400 g of sugar.

Scroll the currants through the grinder, place in a bottle, add a few cloves if desired, pour a liter of vodka. Put the bottle in the sun, wait 6 weeks. Then strain the drink through the gauze. Add sugar to the liquid, mix, pour over the bottles. Sometimes shake the bottle. This liquor is ready to eat when the sugar is completely dissolved.

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