How to choose tea in mass market

Choice of tea by appearance and taste

 The most important criterion of quality tea is appearance and aroma. In this regard, granular teas and teas in teas should be avoided. Typically, they are made either from low-grade tea or from waste. At the stage of purchase it is necessary to study the composition and give preference to tea without additives, flavors. When opening the package, the flavor of the tea should not be sharp. The colour of the leaf is not dim unless it applies to varieties with intentional aging, but also not bright. Also, the tea leaves should be about the same size and have no sticks in the impurities.

Quality tea when brewing will have quite pronounced aroma and taste. Depending on the variety, they will go into “mead”, “nutty”, “floral” or “milky” aftertaste shades.

How to distinguish fresh tea from old

A fresh tea without additional flavor will be enough saturated aroma. Old tea has the smell of “dust” and musty. In addition, when rubbing a sheet of fresh tea in hand it will appear “alive”. Old tea will turn into powder.

When brewing fresh tea, the water acquires a beautiful rich amber color. Leaves are fully opened and you can consider shape, veins, denticles. The muddy shade of water or film on the surface means the tea is either old or low-grade.

Which manufacturer to prefer

Of course, quality tea is expensive and not for a wide range of people. Unlike hyped teas, which are designed for the mass consumer. And already, on that basis, they by definition can’t be good. Companies buy tea leaves in large bulk, which does not allow to trace the quality of the goods. Besides, this amount of tea does not allow it to be realized immediately and in stock it can be stored for a long time. That is why many well-known companies dilute their range of non-fresh tea with all sorts of additives and flavors. Suppressing this way the unpleasant smell and taste of old tea. And beautiful titles and competently filed advertising increases the demand of consumers for tea with additives. But not everything is so bad, and a “gem” can be found in general demand stores. The main thing is not to chase well known stamps. Better to give preference to the new brand. While the “name” is not spun, the manufacturer tries to monitor the quality to attract and retain potential buyers. Among other things, time should be taken to view the manufacturer on the package. It happens that the manufacturer of a well-known tea and tea of an unknown brand is the same. In this case, it’s better to look for something else.

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