How to brew coffee in turk: coffee with foam

You will need
  • – turka;
  • – coffee;
  • – sugar;
  • – cold water.

The most delicious coffee with foam will turn out in the right jezwa. Choose a copper container designed for one or two servings. Do not chase large sizes, it is better for a large family to put a small turk on the fire several times, but get a more fragrant drink. In jezvas with a narrow neck of the foam turns out more dense, but there is also their disadvantage – to escape coffee from a distracted cookery from such a capacity is much easier.


Foam on the surface of the drink is formed thanks to the essential oils present in the coffee, as well as air bubbles. The higher the quality of the coffee, the more thick and aromatic foam will get you. Perfect foam is obtained when brewing fine grinding coffee, and grinding coffee beans is desirable just before you use them. Put one or two teaspoons of coffee, a teaspoon of sugar (best of all, cane), stir the loose ingredients, pour in a glass of cold filtered water and put the container on little fire.


Gradually, a foam will begin to form on the surface of the drink, which will rise higher and darken. You need to have time to remove the coffee from the stove at the moment when the foam approaches the edges of the jezwa, but will not have time to spill over the edge, and the brown liquid will not boil yet.


Leave the turka aside and wait for the foam to axe. After that, the procedure should be repeated first: put the jezva on the fire and wait for the foam to appear. These manipulations can be repeated up to five times.


Slowly and carefully, so as not to disturb the foam cap, pour the coffee into the cup. Put a light breakfast on the table, open the curtains and, holding a mug of fragrant drink in your hands, smile new morning.

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