How to boil fragrant coffee in turke

To prepare aromatic coffee in Turk for 1 serving will need:

Fine grinding coffee — 2 tsp;

Water, filtered or bottled — 100 ml.


Cane sugar — 1 tsp;

Salt — at the tip of the knife.

Coffee is desirable to take in beans of arabica variety. When cooked in Turk, it does not give tart bitterness and has a more pronounced flavor than robusta coffee. Water must be either bottled or filtered so the impurities do not interrupt the true taste of freshly brewed coffee. Salt is a mandatory ingredient, as opposed to sugar. It will help coffee give away its essential oils when brewing. At the same time brackish taste in the drink will not be captured absolutely.

So, the coffee should be ground in a coffee grinder to the consistency of icing sugar. Or take a ready ground coffee of thin grind. In the turku pour cold water, add 2 teaspoons of coffee, 1 teaspoon of sugar and salt on the tip of the knife. Stir thoroughly to allow salt and sugar to disperse if possible, as it is strictly forbidden to stir during cooking and after coffee. The main nuance, the contents should not be higher than where the narrowest part of the Turk begins.

After the turku should be put on a medium fire so that the coffee gradually warms up. Once the water temperature approaches boiling, foam will begin to form. Only then will the fire be reduced to a minimum. At this point, it is best not to step away from the plate and not to be distracted by foreign affairs. Next, as the foam reaches the top of the Turkish, it should be removed from the fire and given coffee “rest”. Optionally, the first time, part of the foam can be drained into a cup. Barely the foam will come, the turk with coffee must be returned to the fire. This process should be repeated 3 — 4 times. The main thing is not to allow coffee to boil. Otherwise the drink will have a nasty rancid taste. The approximate time of coffee brewing in Turk should be between four and five minutes.

After the stove should be turned off, and in the turka with freshly brewed coffee pour 1 teaspoon of ice water and leave for 1 — 2 minutes. Due to this action, coffee cereals, which when brewing rose, will begin to settle quickly to the bottom. In the meantime, the prepared coffee cup should be heated or given boiling water. Be sure to wipe dry. Only after that, gently, without balking, can you flip the coffee from the Turkish into a cup.

Coffee prepared in this way and in the absence of filtration, it turns out not only fragrant, but also very strong. Therefore, it should be served to the table with a glass of cool water, not only to level the fortress, taping if necessary, but each subsequent sip was like the first.

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