How easy to make tea masala

Required ingredients per 1 serving:

– black large-leaf tea without additives and flavors – 1tsp


– milk — 1 tbsp (100 gr.)


– water — 25 gr.


– brown sugar — 1 tsp.;

– black pepper — 0.25 tsp.;

– cardamom — 0.25 tsp.;

– ground cinnamon — 0.25 tsp.;

– powder or fresh ginger — 0.25 tsp.;

– nutmeg — 0.25 tsp.;

– cloves — 1 pcs.

First and foremost it is worth preparing all the ingredients for this fragrant drink. Water must be filtered, or bottled. Milk for tea masala is advisable to take not less than 3.2% fat content. If there is no brown sugar in the presence, then white sugar can be used as well. Their difference is only that brown sugar is not subjected to the refining process. Due to this, it gives any beverages a light caramel taste.

Next, in a separate small container mix all the spices. If the ginger is fresh, it is worth cutting into small pieces, or grating on a grater. Water in the preparation of this drink is necessary to ensure that milk does not boil to the soteynik. You can do without her. Then, before pouring milk into it, you need to rest in cold water. For classic masala tea “for tourists” water and milk are taken in a ratio of 1:1. However, Hindus themselves prefer not to add water.

So, cooked milk and water need to be poured into the soteynik. Put on a medium heat, and bring to a boil. After that milk “does not run away” and does not burn against walls, lull the fire to a minimum. Pour the spices into the soteynik.

Milk with spices should be boiled, with constant stirring, for two to three minutes. After that, add large-leaf tea and sugar. Bring to the boil again and lull the fire. Over a low heat, the tea should be brewed for another five minutes, stirring it from time to time.

Then, when the sugar is dispersed and the tea is completely unraveled, turn off the stove. Cover the sleeper with a lid and towel. Leave the drink for another 15 minutes to stiff, and settled the spices on the bottom.

Tea should be served hot and in a warmed cup, having previously strained through a fine sieve to avoid getting spice cereals.

Masala tea has a bright, beckoning and addictive taste. It will cheer up for a longer period of time than coffee. In addition, spices improve digestion and heart work, strengthen immunity. Such tea is ideal from the very morning for those who are active in mental activity. It wants to eat as a separate product without eating cookies and cakes. It is beautiful both for a rainy working morning and for a warm evening in a circle of friends.

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