Healing properties of tea puer

Useful properties of puera

This amazing tea helps to concentrate attention, clarifies the course of thoughts, so people of mental labor are recommended to include puer in the list consumed beverages. And puer helps keep the body in tone for a long time without harming your health.

A cup of puera after eating will help deal with the severity in the stomach and digest a fatty meal.

In addition, puer is an effective means for those wishing to shed a few kilograms of overweight weight. With regular consumption of this healing drink in a relatively short period of time, your figure will become slim and beautiful.

The useful properties of this Chinese tea include its ability to clean the liver. As it is known, it is the liver that destroys, neutralizes and externally externally toxins and poisons and toxic compounds of intermediate and final foods, so it is not difficult imagine the state in which the average adult is in. So, puer cleans the liver and helps normalize its work, and therefore this healing tea can be safely elevated to the rank of the most healthy drinks.

Because puer cleans the body of cholesterol, it is an excellent assistant in the treatment of hypertension. In fact, he is an alternative to pressure-normalizing drugs.

It is better to use a glass or porcelain kettle to brew the puer.

And puer is indispensable for people suffering from diabetes mellitus: it lowers blood sugar and helps to keep it normal.

The healing effects of the puer extend even to people with alcohol addictions. This therapeutic drink helps to end the deleterious addiction and start another life. And besides puer leads out of heavy intoxication (up to full sobering).

At the same time, puer is used as an anti-inflammatory agent, “medicine”, normalizing vision and improving the condition of teeth. Also, this therapeutic drink is recommended for mental disorder and depression.

How to choose puer

Aroma puera of high quality can have fruit notes, for example, prunes or figs. In some cases (it is usually Sheng puer) the tea has a floral flavor. Classical varieties give earlness – cellar taste.

Pressed raw materials of high quality puera have no dust and too small leaves. Kidneys are present here — large light (white or yellow) leaflets.

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