Benefit and harm of kwas


benefit of kvasa

Kvas is a fermentation product, which means that it contains organic acids. They stimulate the work of the stomach, so kvas is shown to all people with reduced gastric juice secretion. However, and everyone else kvas helps to digest heavy food. The same acids positively affect the gut microflora. The action of kvass in this case can be compared to the action of kefir, kvass also supports beneficial bacteria and kills harmful ones.

Kwas is a drink balanced in mineral composition, so a person eating it in acceptable quantities always has a good balance of salts in the body.

For the ancient Slavs, kvas was a real salvation in winter and spring when there were no fresh fruits and vegetables, only kvas and sauerkraut could provide them with vitamin C. And today to make up for the loss of this vitamin with kvass is especially important in the cold season.

Kwas a well-known aphrodisiac and potency enhancer, it was necessarily given to newlyweds before the first wedding night. Also this drink has a positive effect on teeth and bones, saturating them with calcium. Kvas contains a large amount of vitamin B in its composition, which means that eating it helps to get rid of skin problems.

The fermentation product can not only be drunk, women use it as face masks, it is applied to hair after washing instead of industrial conditioners and rinses. Kvas can be drunk without being afraid to get better, there are very few calories in this drink.

Especially useful oat yeastless kvass prepared on raisins, it has an amazing emerald green color and an indescribable taste.

It is worth noting that only natural live home kvass is useful. Its manufacture uses affordable products – it can be bread, oatmeal, rice, fruity, flour, and its recipes are simple, so that no matter how much advertising suggests that you need to buy a fashionable kvass bottled, better make it yourself.

Kvass Kwas harm

is a real cure, and like every medicine, it has its own contraindications. Kvas cannot be consumed by people with stomach ulcers and frequent heartburn. Immoderate use of kvass can cause exacerbation of urolithiasis and biliary diseases.

Sometimes there is an allergy, but this does not mean that you need to give it up, it is enough just to cook kvas on some other recipe, without the use of allergens.

Homemade kvass can only be harmful to some people with characteristic diseases.

Kwas contains a small amount of alcohol (not more than 1.2%), but even it can reduce the concentration of attention, so it is not worth drinking it before driving car, especially since it can cause problems with auto inspection.

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