Zhanna Aguzarova: a brief biography

Starting conditions The

fact that the inhabitants of the capital have certain advantages over those born and raised in the province has been known since time immemorial. It is easier for a native of a large city to make a career and achieve a high position in society than for someone born in a taiga village. Zhanna Aguzarova showed her acting abilities and vocal data from an early age. She easily memorized songs she listened to on the radio. And when a TV appeared in the house, the girl began to pose as a singer on stage and very similar copied the movements of the performer, which she saw on the screen.

The future epatage singer of pop songs appeared on July 7, 1962 in the ordinary Soviet family. The parents at that time lived in the village of Turtas in the north of Tyumen region. After her parents’ divorce, Zhanna moved to Kolyvan settlement, Novosibirsk Oblast, together with her mother. Here she went to school. The girl studied not badly, but there were no stars from the sky. She spent all her spare time in the collective of artistic self-activity, which operated in the township house of pioneers. Due to the unique timbre of her voice, she quickly became a soloist for the school choir.

Professional activity

It is important to note that Aguzarova grew purposeful and persistent girl. In the house, she was a good assistant to her mother. But connecting my life with village and agriculture was not dreamed of. She independently mastered the technique of playing the piano, which was in school. After receiving her matriculation certificate, Zhanna entered the Novosibirsk Theatre School for a vocal class. Everything was going well, but suddenly the girl got sick with inflammation of the lungs and had to interrupt her training. In 1982 she came to Moscow and tried to enter Gnesin Music School, but did not pass the creative competition.

In order to gain a foothold in the capital, Jeanne had to enter the PTU, where they were trained for painters. Simultaneously with her studies, she actively communicated with famous and little-known musicians. After a while, she was accepted as a soloist in the famous band Bravo. Recordings with songs performed by Aguzarova flew around Moscow like hot cakes. Connoisseurs of musical compositions still remember the songs “Yellow Boots”, “Old Hotel”, “Believe I”, “Wonderful Country”, which were played in the late 80s.

The script of personal life

Thanks to her extraordinary manner of performance, Zhanna Aguzarova became one of the most popular singers in Russia. In 1990, she still received a diploma of the Ippolitov-Ivanov Music School. And the next year she went to the United States, where she sang on the stage of the restaurant “Black Sea” in Los Angeles.

In 1996, the singer returned to her homeland after divorcing her first husband. Here she was invited to cooperate by different groups and producers. Jeanne tried to create a family hearth for the second time, however failed again. According to available data, the singer lives alone in one of the suburbs of Moscow. She can be seen on television. Aguzarova does not give up performances in national concerts.

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