Yuri Sorokin: biography, creativity, career, personal life


Future actor and director came to light a year after the end of the Great Patriotic War. The birthplace of Yuri became the city of Khabarovsk. From his childhood, he had no prerequisites to devote himself to creative activities. The boy’s father held one of the leading positions at the local railway station. The mother devoted her life to the medical cause.

When Sorokin was trained in a regular comprehensive school, there was a news that the The Soviet Union experienced a shortage of artists and film-makers. After listening to these utterances, the youngster made the decision to connect his life with acting.

At the age of 17, Yuri decided about moving to Moscow, as he managed to take a student’s place of honor at the Gerasimov State Film School. In a new place the guy was led by the most influential and competent specialists of that time.

Career in film

After graduating from a higher education institution, Yuri underwent urgent service in the army. After the year, he immediately began to find film projects that could potentially bring a young and talented actor to fame. At the first time, he managed to get minor roles in films, which in the future did not progress in Soviet cinema.

The first film that turned out to be able to bring Sorokin notoriety turned out to be “Officers”. In this film he played the role of a young guy who connected his life with work in the military sphere, set himself the goal of becoming an officer. Unfortunately, this film project turned out to be practically the only one in his career, which reached the multimillion-dollar audience of the USSR.

It is also worth noting that most of Yuri’s cult roles are connected with army, militia themes. Further fans of his creativity more than once noted it.

Directorial At

the age of 37, Sorokin returned to that institute from which he graduated many years ago. This time, his goal was to obtain higher education in the field of directing. As soon as he became a profile specialist of this direction, in the early 90s immediately released “Revelations of John the First Printmaker”. This serial production did not have any success, only once was shown on large screens of the Russian Federation.

In the future, several times tried to achieve results in a new direction for itself, but each attempt turned around failure. After releasing several short films and miniseries, his hands went down, Sorokin’s creative path ended on an unfinished stage. The experienced actor retired from life at the age of 61, in 2008.

Personal life

For the first time, as a student, Yuri entered into marriage with his fellow student — Galina Bulkina. That, in turn, has also built a career in cinema. Their union lasted several years, after which Sorokin met the love of his life, his new wife became Lyudmila Kirpichnikova. By marriage to her, the actor and director spent the rest of his life. They had a son, named Vadim.

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