Yuri Solovey: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Facts biography

 Yuri Anisimovich Solovey is a person creative and passionate. It happened that his talent was fully revealed only after 50 years, when he moved to live abroad. Yuriy Solovya’s homeland is the Ukrainian city of Kirovohrad, where he was born on May 23, 1949. Yuri’s father was a military pilot, so the boy’s childhood took place in constant crossings from one garrison to another.

In his youth, Yura Nightingale had two hobbies: theater and painting, and he could not choose which one is stronger. At the time of graduation the theater won: the guy went to the Russian city of Yaroslavl and entered the theater school, where his teacher in acting was People’s Artist of the USSR Firs Efimovich Shishigin, famous director and teacher. During his studies Yuri Solovey was also engaged in painting.

Theatre career and personal life

In 1969 Yuri Solovey completed his acting education and received distribution to work in the Odessa theater of young audience. The young actor’s first role on this stage was that of Wolf in “Red Riding Hood”. Small viewers hated Wolf, glaring their best and shooting him with slingshots, and Wolf pretended to be afraid of children than leading them into indescribable delight.

During this Odessa period of his life Yuri Solovey first married, his wife was named Nelly Sobolkova. In 1969, she gave birth to Yuri Solovya’s only son — Dmitry.

The marriage broke down a few years later, but father and son have been communicating and befriending families all their lives. Dmitry married, he has a son Ivan Solovey, grandson of Yuri Anisimovich.

In the early 1970s, at the suggestion of former students at the theatre school, Yuri Solovey became an actor in Novgorod Academic Drama Theater named after Dostoevsky, and in 1975 — moved to Leningrad and joined the company of Leningrad Theater named after Lensovet. By this time, the young actor was already a member of the Union of Theatrical Workers of the RSFSR, was full of hopes and career ambitions. In addition, in 1978-79 Soloway tried himself as a film actor — he starred in occasional roles in the film-performances “People and Passions”, “The Wonderful Shoe” and “The Ball” on Lenfilm.

Marriage to Alice Freundlich

At the Lensovet Theatre Yuri Solovey met the famous actress Alice Brunovna Freundlich. Both actors were employed in the play “Warsaw Melody”, directed by Igor Vladimirov — artistic director of the theatre and second husband Freundlich, whom she divorced in 1981. Yuri was younger than Alice by 15 years, but that didn’t stop the lovers from starting a family. The couple lived together for about 12 years, but the marriage did not stand up to the ordeal.

As an actor Yuri was constantly in the shadow of his famous wife, he was known as “husband Freundlich”. He was throwing, jealous, even scandalizing. In addition, Soloway faced a choice of what to do further – acting, which was not very successful, or painting, which more and more fascinated him. Yuri Solovey started realization of his other talent — became engaged in the design of performances, and also drew a lot of houses.


daughter Freundlich from marriage with Vladimiro—Varvara became a hindrance of family life: being at that time a teenager, the girl disliked her stepfather, rude, didn’t go to communication, consciously interfered with work. Growing up, Varvara realized that the stepfather was a good man, and found common ground with him, but it was too late: Freundlich and Nightingale made the decision to break up. At the same time they kept good relations, Alice even hassled at the management of the theater about allocating Yuri apartment. Former spouses still communicate to this day, Alisa Brunovna visits exhibitions, which Solovey periodically arranges in St. Petersburg.

Career of artist

Since 1985 Yuri Solovey begins to collaborate with St. Petersburg creative associations and theatres as a production artist: until 1987 he worked at the T/O “Torch”, then until 1989 — at the Concert Studio of Theatre Artists, and from 1989 to 1996 he worked at the Andrei Mironov Russian Meantreprize “. In addition, in 1989, he opened his own art atelier in St. Petersburg in the house №10 on Pushkinskaya Street, which became a place of meeting and communication of the St. Petersburg musical and artistic bohemians. From this time, Yuri Solovey fully devoted himself to painting as well as sculpture. He developed his original creative style, the artist amazed with his incredible performance and fecundity. Since 1992, his work began to be exhibited in many international exhibitions in countries such as the United States, Israel, France, Germany, etc.

After his divorce from Alice Freundlich, Yuri Soloway married in third time on actress Rimma Shibayeva, a graduate of the Moscow Shchepkin Theatre School. In the late 1990s, the couple made the decision to move to another country, and initially lived for one year in Israel. And since 1999 Soloway and Shibayeva settled in Germany, in the city of Hamburg. Here the couple opened their studio for two: Yuri has an art studio, and Rimma has a Russian-speaking theatre where she conducts classes with young people who want to understand the basics of acting.

Yuri Solovey is today a free artist of world renown. He annually holds solo exhibitions in galleries of various cities in Germany, Europe, USA, Israel. A lot of the artist’s works dispersed on private collections all over the world.

Recently, Solovey increasingly comes to Russia with exhibitions: the homeland beckons the artist, and his wife too. One of the creative finds of the master was the combination in the works of his two hobbies: painting and theatre. He paints Russian and Soviet actors in their theatrical images, and he does it in his original style. For example, in October 2015, an exhibition of his paintings titled “Great Artists of the Twentieth Century” was held in St. Petersburg’s “Russian Meantreprise” theater named after Andrei Mironov, where Solovey once worked. A total of 14 paintings were presented with portraits of Nikolai Karachentsov, Yuri Nikulin, Anatoly Papanov, Alexander Shirwindt, Evgeny Leonov, Arkady Raikin and other outstanding artists, captured in characteristic moments of the “lives” of their stage characters.

Yuri Anisimovich Solovey made a significant contribution to domestic and world art. Besides creative, he conducts social activities — for example, he is a member of international organizations such as the International Art Foundation, the European Academy of Natural Sciences and others. His work in the latter was rewarded with the Leonardo da Vinci Medal.

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