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 Shishkin Yuri Vasilyevich was born on August 24, 1963. Azov of the Rostov region.

Mother — Sophia Andreevna — master of light women’s dress, dad — Vasily Ivanovich — master of planing machines. Svetlana’s sister.

Yuri’s mother herself aspired to everything beautiful and her son accustomed to it. She grew up near radio and listened to symphonic music. The opera “Carmen” she knew by heart. Yuri often saw his mother sewing, watching the fitting of dresses. Mom also involved him in the process of making dresses. I asked how and what is better to sew and how any bow, handkerchief or pattern on the dress would look. Yuri thus understood more and more that there was something high and aesthetic and needed to be taken seriously.

Yuri painted a lot, especially animals. I dreamed of becoming an artist, but my mother thought differently. She saw her son as a musician. For three years Yuri was engaged in the school of art, in St. Azove. The birth of love for music took place in Juria excruciatingly long. He graduated poorly from the school of art and secretly from his parents prepared documents for admission to the art school. Grekov. But it didn’t happen. At his mother’s insistence, he passed his exams at Rostov School of Arts for the Bayan department.

Birth of a musician

Years later, Yuri recalls the moment when he began to feel music and love it. In his third year of school, he sorted out the first part of the play “Concertstück” by K. M. von Weber. He tried to draw into the plot of the play. Weber devoted the first eight strokes to the feelings of a woman carrying the husband of a crusader knight to battle. She stood on top of the castle. Sad thoughts overpowered her, confusion covered a heavy wave. In Weber’s music, it turned out so beautifully and sensually. These first takes deeply in Yuri’s heart. From some chords, a tear flowed and the heart trembled. That’s when he realized — he’s a musician. In those moments he was musically born and connected to music forever.

Next, music training went from the heart. He continued his studies at the Rostov Music and Pedagogical Institute. His fate brought him down with the great teacher V.A. Semenov.

My beautiful teacher

Yuri proudly tells about his teacher Vyacheslav Anatolyevich Semenov. He’s over 70 now, but he still inspires Yuri. He admires his attitude to life, his aspirations and principles. He is full of energy and still shares it with his students. Semenov is the highest master musician and composer. He doesn’t just teach the musical technique of playing instruments, but instills a love of everything music-related. He constantly pushes horizons and pushes musicians beyond the boundaries of the possible. He endlessly links music to life. His own compositions are extraordinarily organic, natural and viable. Learning any play, he makes him represent the heroes of the work, understand their feelings and invest them in the game.

The semen composer wrote a lot of music where all the sounds are alive and real, they are from life. In “The March of the Soldiers”, through notes, he managed to convey the sound of the march: the knock of soldier’s boots and drum. There is a work where Semenov depicted a man’s dream. There are ingeniously spelled out notes that reproduce the sleeping man’s complicity.

Yuri increasingly and more often remembers the once heard words of A. Freundlich:

Here also he applies to notes. Take a note and pass it through his heart, and it will sound all the senses of his soul. This attitude towards music has helped and helps achieve the admiration felt by people at his concerts.

He remembers well when he truly felt he could achieve supreme skill. He passed his first test of music at the competition in Voroshilovgrad. He remembers how hard this contest was psychologically given to him. Many didn’t stand and left. He remained among the strongest. Met and befriended the best. Among the best was Vladimir Murza, and now Yuri calls him “musical brother.”

From the age of 25 Yuri Shishkin started concert activities. The first solo concert took place in 1982 in Rostov-on-Don. Further extensive concert program in the cities of Russia. In 1989 his masterful game in Bayan was heard by the people of Amsterdam.

Concert geography expanded every year. The skill of the bayanist grew up. It is discovering new and new notes. It is taken for transcriptions of symphonic works that no one has ever performed in Bayan. For the first time Yuri Shishkin performed

theRoad to Academic Music

It is

accepted that the bayan is a Russian folk instrument and on it mainly played Russian folk repertoire. But Yuri Shishkin doesn’t think so and from folk music gradually transitions to academic. He banned it for himself for a long time. He doubted, and kept asking himself the question, “How am I going to take up this royal music?” Opening the notes of the symphonic suite “Sheherazad” by Rimsky-Korsakov, he understood that it was special music by a special composer. He knew this music from childhood, there always so perfectly sang the violin. He unknowingly protected everything beautiful from himself. What can a bayan piece written for symphony orchestra give? He was just afraid to touch her with a bayan. But the desire proved stronger, hands and heart just stretched and not for nothing. After all, it was the symphonic music rearranged on the notes of the bayan that made him a musician with a capital letter. He treats her so carefully and sincerely, with such strong love that the music just pours itself from under his fingers.

Music in Yu’s destiny. Shishkina plays and plays. She helps him everywhere and in everything and leads him where he needs to. Remembering a meeting with his future wife, he thanks the higher forces. Through music, they arranged for him to meet a girl named Galina.

Personal but musical life

They met in music school. Where else? Galina hails from Grozny. She received her primary musical education in the class of piano. Further training in music she wanted to continue in Moscow, but two attempts to enter the institute failed. But later Galina was lucky. She entered the Rostov School of Arts and not the department of the piano, but the domra. And all because before the entrance exam Galya broke her hand and couldn’t play piano, and on the domre everything worked out. So it’s time for Galina and Yuri to meet. Everything coincided because Bayan and Domra were in the same faculty.

They married in 1989. Children were born — Andrei and Alla. The whole family is musical. Mama is a music teacher, an honored figure of the All-Russian Music Society, Dad is a virtuoso master of Bayan playing, Alla is a pianist, Andrei – a guitar, a balalaika and a piano player. But the son became more fond of computers and preferred them.

How to become the best

When Yuri turned 50, he realized that it was time to give away knowledge. Became teaching. There are a few pupils, but they all serve high hopes. In many, he sees future stars. He teaches them from the beginning not just to play bayan, but to sing with the sound of bayan. He explains to students how to become the best and what is the secret of need and popularity. And the secrets are only four:

  1. listen to a lot of good music in good performance, get drunk with it, to take the basics of skill from the accumulated musical baggage;
  2. to

  3. do a lot to make the tool a way of expressing your feelings. Make full contact, so that the bayan becomes a part of the body, vibrate with you, so that he doesn’t want to be broken up with; to
  4. love his teacher. Don’t come into music with only taking. It is necessary to come to wake up the teacher, to give him his interest. Then the teacher will happily give you his archive of knowledge, which he gives not to everyone;
  5. making an adequate sacrifice is the most important secret. Little will help to rise to the top if one is incapable of sacrificing rest, sleep, socializing with family and friends. Only that will be appreciated by your case, and that alone will give a chance to reach the peak of perfection.

Musical Treasures

Repertoire Yu. Shishkin consists

He performs the music of his teacher V. Semenov.

Music in Bayan Yu. Shishkina is understood everywhere, because he genuinely loves listeners, even sincere he loves what he plays. Serving music is the meaning of Yu’s life. Shishkin. And it’s not just words. Music allows him to admire those around him, and this is his favorite activity.

Many years of skill rips outward and helps him pass on knowledge to students. Among them are future stars and their names will soon be known to the world. One of the pupils, thirteen-year-old Peter, plays almost Yuri’s entire repertoire with ease. Shishkin speaks of him as his musical sequel.

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