Yuri Grebenshchikov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Early biography

Yuri Grebenshchikov was born in 1937 in Sverdlovsk. Soon after his birth, war broke out. The boy grew up in a large family, the head of which left to fight on the front, coming to terms with hunger and other troubles. But years later, the war ended, and Yuri’s father, fortunately for all, returned home alive. Grebenshchikov – the elder was engaged in raising the son, making from him a real man.

Near the end of school Yuri got carried away with acting, attending a drum circle. In doing so, he owned guitar playing and singing, so he did well even with difficult creative roles. One day Sverdlovsk in search of new talents was visited by an experienced troupe from MHAT. Yuri Grebenshchikov became one of the few who were invited to study in the famous studio school. In 1955, he was enrolled in the university and began to confidently pursue his goal of becoming a real actor.

Playing on stage and shooting in movies

After training Yuri Grebenshchikov became an artist of the Moscow Drama Theatre named after M. Stanislavsky, in which many famous Soviet actors started their careers. He managed to fully reveal himself in 1978, when the talented director Anatoly Vasilyev came to the theatre. Under his leadership Grebenshchikov brilliantly played back roles in the performances “The adult daughter of a young man” and “Vassa Zheleznova”. In 1982, already being mates, they moved to work at the Theatre on Taganka, where they again demonstrated the wonders of stage art.

In the 80s, Yuri Grebenschikov’s film career began. He has performed notable roles in the motion pictures “Rooks”, “Valentine”, “Saschka”, “Man from Country Green”, “Special Forces Squad”, and others. He was perfectly given the roles of slightly shabby life, but at the same time intelligent and empathetic men, who were a real support for other heroes. He could equally well play the images of both a brave colonel and a former criminal who took the mind.

Personal life and death

Yuri Grebenshchikov was twice married. The first spouse was actress Olga Bgan, famous for the film “Man Born”. This union did not last long and proved childless. After another quarrel, the former lovers divorced, thus Yuri nobly left his Moscow apartment to the former wife.

Some time later, Grebenshchikov married for a second time to actress Natalia Orlova, who worked in the Stanislavsky Theatre. The marriage proved successful, and in it was born a son, Cyril, who later also became an actor.

Yuri Grebenshchikov’s life tragically broke down in 1988: he was hit by a car driving by his acquaintance, the poet Alexander Mezhirov, whom they met shortly before. The actor fell into a coma and died four months later in hospital. Yuri Grebenschikov was buried in Dolgoprudny Cemetery.

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