Yuri Bogatikov: a brief biography

Starting conditions

to a talented person destiny has a difficult way to realize the nature of these abilities. Not everyone has the power and excerpts to overcome the obstacles facing him. Yuri Bogatikov came to light on February 29, 1932 in an ordinary Soviet family. Parents at that time lived in a small mining town on the territory of Donbass. His father worked in a coal mine. Her mother taught literature at the school. The head of the family had a good voice and musical hearing. He often sang folk songs, and children willingly sang him.

When the war broke out, his father was mobilized into the active army. And mother and children evacuated to Uzbekistan. Home managed to return only after the win. Father fell the death of the brave at the front. To somehow feed children, Bogatikovs moved to the city of Kharkiv. Here after completing the seventh grade, Jura entered the craft school, and majored in mechanic in measuring instrument repair. He was sent to work for the central branch of the city’s Telegraph. In his spare time, he attended choral studio classes at the local culture palace.

Yuri Bogatykov’s

creative career

had a voice of a unique timbre. This fact was noticed not even by experts. After a while, the director of the Kharkiv Telegraph strongly advised the young man to enter a music school. And even promised material support from the enterprise. In the school Bogatikov was given a voice and instilled in the habit of daily classes. In 1951, he was drafted into the army. To serve the boy from Donbass fell on the Pacific fleet. He was immediately enlisted in the Navy Song and Dance Ensemble. Experience of performances in a wide variety of conditions came in handy for him in the future.

After returning from service, Bogatikov was invited to work in the Kharkiv Theatre of Musical Comedy. But the future pop singer didn’t stay there for long. After a while, he received an invitation and left to work for the Luhansk Philharmonic. From this moment began Yuri Bogatikov’s progressive movement towards the heights of skill and glory. Gradually, he found his niche in variety creativity. The singer convincingly performed songs of military-patriotic theme. Among the popular songs were “I haven’t been to Donbass long ago”, “Don’t cry a girl”, “Sleep mounds dark”.

Recognition and personal life 

It is important to note that the singer never allowed himself to perform under a phonogram. Due to his voice and faithfully chosen repertoire, Bogatikov easily won prizes at international competitions and festivals. For his great contribution to the development of musical art, he was awarded the honorary title of “People’s Artist of the USSR”.


singer’s personal life developed only on the third attempt. Daughter Victoria from her first marriage followed in her father’s footsteps and became an entertainer. Yuri Bogatikov died in December 2002 after a prolonged illness.

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