Yiruma: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Translated “Yiruma” means “I will reach”. This name was chosen by Lee Rum by his stage pseudonym. It also became the vital motto of the pianist and composer, the first of the Korean musicians to perform at the MIDEM festival in Cannes.

The road to success

Biography of the performer began in 1978. The boy came to light in Seoul on February 15. He started learning to play the piano at age 5. The ten-year-old enrolled in the English “Purcell School of Music”. He became a student at King’s College in 1996. During the training, the first album of the pianist “Love Scene” was released, and there was a tour of Europe. His studies ended in 2000. Yiruma in early 2002 performed at the Cannes Music Festival.

The debut on the Japanese stage was in 2004. The best works came out in October of that year. There were recitals at Kawaguchi Lilia Hall and Kawaguchi Orchard Hall.

The result was the title of one of the most popular Korean artists of the New Age genre in the Land of the Rising Sun. In spring 2005, the musician presented the compilation “Destiny of Love” with new compositions and themes from “Tokyowankei”. He also recorded the CD “Poemusic”.


In 2006 the accomplished professional returned to his homeland, where he began service in the Navy. The musician became the promotional face of “Korea Te”. In his homeland, universal recognition won Yiruma the creation and execution of themes to popular series. Two years later, after its completion, the “Yiruma Come Back” country tour was launched.

Concerts were held with an unaltered reception. In the Korean charts, the author’s works occupy the highest positions; the musician became the most promising performer of his time.

In 2009 and 2010, Yiruma performed as DJ and MC for “KBS 1FM” and “MBC”. Eight albums of the artist have been released, he has written a lot of soundtracks to films, musicals, performances. At home, universal acclaim brought Yiruma themes to popular series. He is the author of music for the dramas “Spring Waltz” and “Winter Sonata”.

His 2011 CD “The Best Reminiscent” was recognized as the best compilation by a musician. Million-dollar views gained video performances on “YouTube”.

Scene and family

In March 2012, Yiruma became a contestant on the German TV show “Wilkommen Bei Carmen Nebel”, in which he became an audience favorite. In April there was a presentation of Yiruma’s new album. He spent a tour of Australia in May 2013, performing on local radio and television, giving interviews. With success, the concert was held at the Sydney Opera House.

2014 marked a triumph in Malaysia and Hong Kong. The musician’s albums were going platinum and gold. The collection “FRAME” fans received in 2017.


musician and off stage achieved success. In his personal life, he’s happy.

His wife in late May 2007 became Son Hye-im. That same year, on October 7, a daughter, Loanna, appeared in the family.

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