Yakov Pan: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Pan Yakov Solomonovich is a writer, publicist. He created his works in the style of science fiction. Literator died at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.


Yakov Pan was born in October 1906. His family was large. Yakov’s mother and father produced 19 children, of which 10 survived.

But the boy was orphaned early, so he lived in an orphanage. But here he showed his little ability and talent. Jacob had a penchant for the exact sciences. But then he didn’t have the opportunity to develop those skills.

When the young man went to school, received unfinished secondary education, he was noticed by Lunacharsky. The Narcom of Education invited a young man to Moscow. Here Yakov Pan graduated rabfaq and then immediately taught.

In order to obtain higher education in his favorite specialty, Yakov enters Bauman MTU for the Faculty of Chemistry. Then he goes to work at Karpov Research Institute.

At the same time, the author is printed in technical publications. Yakov Solomonovich then becomes editor of a scientific journal. Simultaneously, he writes his works in a sci-fi style.

One of the first published books by the author “Mortonite”. It’s a fantastic narrative. At first Yakov published it under his own name, but then he took the creative surname Nechayev. Further works by the author come out under this pseudonym. Ban also authored scientific essays, propaganda pamphlets. Before the war, he wrote the foliant “Tales of the Elements”, which was reprinted several times, including abroad.

Personal life

Also before the beginning of the WWII Yakov Solomonovich married. His spouse was Rifka Kalmanova Kogan. In September 1939, the couple had a toddler. The husband and wife named him Victor. Subsequently, Viktor Yakovlevich Pan became a well-known mathematician, a specialist in computer science. In 1977 from the USSR he emigrated to the United States and worked and taught here. In 1972, Viktor Yakovlevich married Lidia Perelman. But it was later.

Disturbing time

began the Great Patriotic War. Yakov Solomonovich was not drafted for health reasons. But he voluntarily signed up for the militia. In the fall of 1941, Lieutenant Ban along with comrades in arms fought near Lake Seliger, was a company commander. Yakov Solomonovich writes the last letters from here. In November of the same year, the volunteer died.

But many of his works remained, some of which were published after the end of the war. The writer did not have time to complete the fantastic story, which was called “Kitchen of the Future”.

But after the writer’s death, this work was published. Also saw light the story “White Dwarf” and other large and small creations of the technical prose writer.

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