Witold Petrovsky: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Witold Witoldowicz sure he can’t help but sing. The radio host, actor, athlete and coach calls this position his professional credo and claims he doesn’t need another. In his repertoire there are romances, and author’s song, and hits, foreign classics and his own compositions. A strong unique range voice allows him to sing everything.

The path to calling


biography of the future star began in 1986. The child appeared in the town of Sosnovy Bor near Kolomna on February 27 in the family of a serviceman and confectioner. The boy displayed his ability to music from childhood. The parents supported the son.

At the same time, there was an interest in sports. Witold chose Eastern martial arts. Favorite hobbies and in adult life remained music and karate. Before 4th grade, the boy studied in a military town, then the family moved to Kolomna. After parting his parents, the boy received his mother’s maiden name, becoming Petrovsky.

The first vocal mentor was the director of the Zhytomyr Center for Children and Youth Creativity Nikolay Evdokimovich Polivoda, where the boy lived at his grandparents. For the first time, ten-year-old Witold took part in the singing competition. The result of the Festival of children and youth creativity “My Talents” 1999 was the second place.

In the category “Variety Vocal” Petrovsky won at the competition “Pearl of Crimea”.

Education after school the graduate continued on the conducting and choral department of Zhytomyr musuchylic. He finished his studies in Kolomna, where he returned two years later. The young man started singing in the rap group “D.L.S.”. In 2007 he recorded a kind of hymn to his favorite sport, the composition “Kekusinkai karate”.


On stage the vocalist began his career in Oleg Mityaev’s project “Long Live the Muses”. Songs on Pushkin poems to Tukhmanov’s music were highly appreciated by listeners, who noted the wonderful voice of the novice singer. Petrovsky won the Tsarskoye Selk Prize

In Russian cities, the tour with Mityaev lasted from 2007 to 2010. In 2009 Witold starred in the program “Shelter of Comedians”, and he received his first fame as the winner of the competition “Live Sound”.

In early 2011 Perovsky recorded the soundtrack for the film “Silent Zastava”. The actor realized the performer in the musical “Ice Heart”. Witold’s hero became Kai. In 2013-2014, the performer took part in the TV show “Artist” and “Live Sound”.

He was a participant in the project “X Factor”, where he became the winner favorite artist based on the results of the audience vote. In September 2015 Witold came to the TV show “The Voice”. He reached the final and finished second.

2016 saw his debut as a radio host. Successful was the author’s rendition on “Radio-1″ “““Rendezvous with Witold”, conceived as meetings with musicians and poets.


About personal life the performer prefers not to speak. He met his friend Tatiana at the age of 14. Becoming 25-year-olds, young people played a wedding. However, the couple separated a year later. They repeatedly made attempts to renew the relationship, however it ended with the death of Tatiana. Her leaving Witold endured very hard. Every song he dedicates it to memory.

Petrovsky became the winner of the main prize of Radio “New Wave” “Talent-2018” in 2018. The beginning of 2019 brought a nomination for the interactive prize “Grammy Fan Awards” of radio station “Russian Chart FM”.

The artist runs a channel on “Youtube”. Petrovsky has pages on VKontakte and Instagram. Fascinated singer billiards and fishing.

Twice a year Witold presents new concert programs, tours. A solo album by the vocalist is being prepared for release. In January 2020, the artist signed a contract with the production center Grigory Leps.

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