William Dess: biography, creativity, career and personal life


first relatively new name sounded in 2017. Of himself Zachary William “Bill” Dess stated the single “I Feel I’m a Drowning”.

Search for a vocation

The biography of a future celebrity began in 1993. The baby appeared on June 20 in New York. Information about the family young performer carefully conceals.

The boy was fond of music from early childhood. Interest woke up after the opera “The Nutcracker.” The kid felt all the nuances of the piece. After becoming a schoolboy, Dess wrote compositions for the student orchestra.

The blues and jazz graduate studied at the local arts school. He perfectly felt the melody and rhythm, and therefore the study did not represent any labor for him.

On the way to success


rapidly gaining popularity of rap and electromusic student did not pay attention, as was convinced that the future would remain with the tune.

Soon Bill still became interested in new directions and began writing in the style of fashion trends, n6e abandoning melodicity. Combining it with progressive technologies proved to be a successful design.

Studies at the school of art were abandoned. Dess embarked on practice. He performed with various bands, “warming up” the public. The young man did not leave his composing activity. Recorded at home the song the guy put online under the name Two Feet.


After a few weeks, “Go F**k Yourself” turned into a viral composition that filled all social networks. Many times the piece was heard on radio airwaves. Such a triumph convinced the author to pursue creativity. The hit entered the “Billboard 200″ chart, making the composer recognizable worldwide.

Bill soon introduced the novelty. The composition “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” is still one of the most popular. It gained a record number of views, attracted the attention of celebrity labels to the author.

Instead of the first disc, the decision was made to release a mini-album, “First Steps”. Songs from him became leaders in the world charts. In mid-2017 there was a new labor, “EP Momentum”. Not only did the songs gain popularity in American and European fans, but also the music video “Love Is a Bitch”.

Plans and perspectives

For the basis of his style the musician took melodic electromusic. In his compositions there is noticeable influence of soul, there are motifs of jazz, modern pop music is auditioned, and there is soulfulness. It was this mix that ensured the composer success.

The studio album “A 20 Something F**k” was released in 2018. Critics spoke approvingly of the novelty. The entertainer’s career was fast going upward.

Then there was a break in Tu Fita’s oeuvre. As the musician himself admitted, he was engaged in restoring health. However, his plans are to release new songs and present them to listeners.

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